1727 Ladies Air Layer single product let you "future" look


1727 Ladies' Fashion Fall 2014 collection is inspired by urban casual sportswear and emphasizes the design of neutral and silhouette styles, highlighting the sheer and exact contrast of Japanese origami art in style. This season's series is a new exploration of the outline, structure and practicality. The futuristic air layer fabric emphasizes the naturalness of the material, and the comfortable movement of silk, linen, cotton and lace. The neutral color comes from the material itself Natural tone - gray. With such a gorgeous premise so avant-garde fashion. Let the air layer below let you "future" about it!


Comfort and fashion both the fishtail skirts, high waist design, to create a soft curve, drape rhyme tail fishtail, adding a soft romantic atmosphere. Upper body with a basic sweater sweater, the overall appearance of women graceful posture.


Fashion sweater air layer, the use of air layer and beautiful jacquard fabric stitching as a design point, comfortable and breathable fabric, easy to take. With bright pink skinny feet pants, stylish and yet feminine.

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