2011 China Business Men's Development Summit will be held in Beijing

Rolls-Royce 2011 China Business Men's Development Forum to be Held in Century Luxury Brands and Achievements Apparel to be Held in Beijing Today's world is undergoing major changes and major adjustments. Major international apparel brands have entered China continuously. Some luxury brands Has entered the low-cost and occupy China's second and third tier markets, China's market is facing a severe historical test. In the new round of international competition, how to develop the domestic men's brand? How to become a new century, luxury and international brands contend? How to be favored by consumers and win the world? To this end, the International Cultural Exchange Commission, Business Times, China International Brand Promotion Association, China Africa Economic and Trade Investment Promotion Association, China Netvision, Today News Network, China Famous Brand Network, People's Brands Network and other units in 2011 9 On the 25th, the "China Business Summit for Men's Development" was jointly held in Beijing. At the same time, invited entrepreneurs, industry experts, brand experts, planners, marketing experts and media people to jointly explore ways to find a way out for the current Chinese menswear brands and explore their own uniqueness Value, so as to formulate their own brand breakthrough strategy, in the future and international brands to obtain the first chance of competition. At the same time, through activities to help businesses consolidate first-line brand, create a new century, the luxury brand! Highlight the charm of the new luxury brand culture! For the Chinese apparel industry to establish a new business card.The event has been the construction of innovative national strategic promotion committee, National Innovation Strategy Group of Tsinghua University, Peking University Institute of Private Economy, Peking Union University, China MBA Center, the relevant units of the strong support, Relevant leaders will attend this forum and deliver wonderful speeches. To do a good job in this forum to better play our media to promote the guiding effect of our new century, China to establish a luxury men's brand, leading the new men's fashion, make full use of the spirit of cooperation, concerted efforts against foreign well-known brands, the formation of our country Clothing carrier fleet, a complete change in China's cheap mass-market products. To this end, the Organizing Committee will play a good publicity role of hundreds of media, arranged in the forum before, during, after the promotion work to do a good job, so that the public better understand our classic men in China, how we become the new century luxury Brand. Forum Advisory: Lin Hou-fu media cooperation: Sun Yuqing

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