Amethyst hole placement method

In addition to the effect of helping students to learn, Amethyst Cave has the magical effect of the town house Nafford, but only in the correct placement position, the magical effect will achieve the best results, but how to place it is The essential.

Amethyst Cave was born in the earth for more than 100 million years of life. It has experienced countless magnetic waves and magnetic fields. Experts believe that the growth of Amethyst Cave is infinite, and it also has the turbid momentum of purifying the "water" people of the five elements. It will restore the complete aura and improve the transportation, so it will become the treasure of Buddhist relics.

To the place where the door is located, the wind and water say that this is a gathering of wealth, and the amethyst hole is placed on the financial position, which can preserve the accumulated wealth for a long time.

Put the amethyst hole in the Ford position, you can accumulate for a long time, Nader.

For roads, corners, etc., the hole can be used as a source of absorption. If a crystal ball is placed in the hole, the helium gas can be converted and the resistance can be assisted. The door-to-door situation can occur in the room. Placed behind the door of the elders can reduce the occurrence of conflicts.

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