Analysis on the Decline of Wool Import and Export Volume in Zhangjiagang Port in January 2012

In recent years, the annual import volume of Zhangjiagang port has accounted for about 40% of the total import volume of the country, and the export volume has exceeded 70% of the total export volume of the country. Zhangjiagang has developed into the nation's largest wool production and logistics base. However, in the second half of 2011, especially since the fourth quarter, due to the influence of uncertainties such as the international economic and trade environment and the domestic economic operation, the wool import volume at Zhangjiagang port has shown a downward trend. In January, the Zhangjiagang Inspection and Quarantine Bureau had a total of 9,981 tons of imported quarantine wool, which was a decrease of 23.9% year-on-year and a decrease of 4% month-on-month.

According to industry insiders, the operating conditions of the global wool textile industry are not optimistic. The adjustment of the national industrial structure in 2011 and the skyrocketing prices of bulk agricultural products in the world have intensified the transfer of international wool to the domestic market, causing the Zhangjiagang Coastal wool import and export to experience an outbreak. However, due to the European debt crisis, the global textile consumer demand was insufficient. The uncertainty of economic operation further hit consumer confidence in the wool textile industry, leading to a year-on-year drop in wool import and export volume of over 20% in the first half of this year. In addition, due to the impact of domestic and foreign wool trade prices upside down, economic development at home and abroad is not clear, and some companies have stopped importing and exporting business, which has also led to a more serious situation in the import and export of wool.

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