[Arabala children's wear industry experience sharing] shop salesperson training knowledge

Shop salesperson training (a), salesperson daily service skills First, the salesperson should be how to greet customers? 1, when the customer passes the public access, the salesperson must take the initiative to greet, and a brief introduction of the counter brand, such as "welcome to Bar Ba Xuan," Welcome Apple denim, "etc. 2 When the customer enters the counter:" Welcome ten brand sales ten likes to try on "3, such as customer companion stare or touch a product, the salesperson should promptly introduce the product of all related Information, such as fabric color, style, workmanship, price, etc. And actively encourage customers to try on. Second, if the customer please salesperson to help select the merchandise how to do 1, happily accept the customer's request, dedication to its good staff, A simple understanding of customer requirements, and according to the counter goods situation, bold and decisive to help them choose, do not be sorry.Customers please salespeople to help choose is a kind of trust.To seize this mentality, the salesman's trust will be transferred to the goods Third, if the customer's companion dissatisfied with the goods how to solve? Customer companion disagree expressed understanding and respect, observe the customer's companion The degree of attention.If customers have their own views, the main push the customer favorite products, such as companion views heavy weight, then win the peer feeling of good. Praise the effect of try-on, and encourage customers to peer try, or appropriate to seek peer advice Fourth, as the customer tried on the final state, said to look at how to do? To maintain a calm attitude, calm and happy expression, not bad or throwing throwing Shang Lu. Should instead advise customers to go a few more, see several , Do not blindly buy, so as not to buy the unpleasant goods .When leaving to remind customers if there is no intention to come back .Fifth, such as customers with other counter products and the counter goods compare how to do? As other counter products have been traded, must not say It is not suitable or not good, but the application of affirmative tone, praise its vision and encourage customer confidence.At the same time introduce the advantages of the counter merchandise, highlighting the differences.If the customer hesitated between the two products, should praise the counter Goods, highlighting its merits, while proper praise of people's goods, so that customers will have a sense of trust, not boast, but to allow customers the freedom to choose, it is not Can not be strong or slander other products, or easily cause disgust with the customer, both sides can not sell. Six, such as a product is only one how to introduce? This product we sell well, other cities have also out of stock, we Just entered the goods and no number, this one you wear is right, do not miss this opportunity, a few days I do not know can not purchase .7, counter in the moment too many people care how to do? Working hours should be " One for two, one for two, three for one, two for two, three for one, two for one, and ignore or slow down for other customers, saying, "Sorry, now there are more people, please wait." "This is the product you want. , It also other customers, something you call me "when many salespeople should try to stand in the widest point of view, take care of all aspects, pay more attention to the backlog of people from the entrainment of goods, please help colleagues take care of nearby, Eight, if the customer just do not try to how to do? (1) If you think customers have no desire to buy, just casual look, should not neglect attitude, should take the initiative to welcome customers, but also do not over-enthusiasm, so as not to cause sense. (2) If the customer carefully selected without trial, customers should be encouraged to try on, suggesting that the customer clothing to wear on the body will look better than good and fully introduce the advantages of goods. Nine, knowing that customers can not wear, but the customer asked how to try? Such customers often lack of understanding of their own, can not face up to their own situation, there is no assertion, I do not know what to suit their eyes are not allowed. Can take a certain skill to recommend a relatively suitable, such as the customer insisted on trying, can not refuse can not say "no number", "you can not wear" words, to actively cooperate with the customer to try on, but be very careful to avoid due to improper Damage to the product, if necessary, make appropriate remind, try on the results are not satisfied with the opportunity to take the opportunity to compare, cleverly recommend other ways. Encourage continue to try on. Ten, such as customers try and see many times not to buy, then try again or see how to deal with? Repeatedly means that there is a certain interest, did not buy another reason, such as try again to see or prove that there are opportunities to deal with, each case should be warm and thoughtful to help try or watch, at the same time to be meticulous introduction, seize the important advantages, The whole service, as usual, do not mention that customers try not to buy, pretend not to know, do not mind enthusiasm introduction, appropriate praise to actively encourage the purchase. Eleven, such as the customer try on the effect is really not good, but also to seek salesperson advice how to do? Do not over-praise the fact, easily lead to a sense of distrust. Do not use evaluation when the attitude is too sharp language, pay attention to speaking propriety, such as fat can be full, symmetrical, bright colors can be lively, fashion, youth and so on. Do not be straightforward counseling ineffective, ugly, etc., so as to avoid damage to customer self-esteem. Twelve, if the customer touched the light-colored clothing how to do? The clothing displayed in the store shall not be allowed to appear out of the "I am afraid of dirty," "Do not touch me" kind of reminder card, light-colored clothing must also allow customers to try. Such as the customer light pick, the salesperson can take certain skills, such as enthusiasm picked up by the customer asked whether he tried on the goods, is willing to serve him. Such as the customer asked to try on light-colored goods, sales staff can take some skills, such as a little revealing hard to tell customers that light colors are not allowed to try, but you still try it, or can not see the effect, let the customer feel Is a privilege, he will be careful. Thirteen, such as customer shopping in the two goods undecided how to do? Attention to praise the customer try on the effect should be sure to say "good-looking." "Good looking" and should avoid saying "pretty good" to a lesser extent. When the customer is in a dilemma between the two products, he should observe the customer and judge his purchasing power. If the customer can be determined to be a strong customer, he may both praise the merits of the two products and indicate that they are all suitable for her. Two transactions, such as the general view that the strength of customers, should look at their preferences, which customers are more desirable, determined decisively that: "I see you wear this more appropriate than that a nice" to help its rapid determination, Avoid customers because of uncertainty, too much consideration and do not buy it. Fourteen, how to buy with the customer can buy successfully deal? Fully introduce the merits of products, according to try on the results, praised its unique place, and let the customer feel the time will no longer have, such as a code only one, the end of the activity to restore the original price, the manufacturers have been out of stock and so on. Fifteen, how to deal with customer shopping give? Customer shopping give away, should take the initiative to ask the person's situation, such as age, height and so on, to help customers choose the right size style must take the initiative to remind customers to save the shopping voucher, keep the original product, color, size is not satisfied can also be returned to the introduction of goods When convenience can also encourage customers to try on behalf of, such as shopping a larger amount, should take the initiative to prompt them to apply for VIP cards, the amount of money can also be appropriate to add some of the gifts, most people give gifts because most of the gifts are not placed in the gift. So you can reduce the cash withdrawal gift recipient. Packaging should be more meticulous and allow customers to feel. Sixteen, such as customer requests for demolition set how to do? According to manufacturers regulations, demolition is demolished, if not demolished sales, should euphemism to the customer explained that the whole wear and wear a single effect on the differences, to help customers find a solution, such as the purchase of larger and then inappropriate for the appropriate Modify, if the customer does not accept and then recommend other products, do not refuse the request to end the service. Seventeen, if the customer please salesperson try on behalf of how to do? Do not refuse, but to explain the same clothing worn on different people, the effect is very different, I can try on for you, to be a comparison, but I do not fit to wear this, not necessarily your test results are good. Eighteen, to help other counters look after the goods can not find how to do? Attention to see the trademark, size, price, fabric composition at a glance, can be introduced under the trademark, with the customer try on, waiting for colleagues to return. Customers will not wait, courtesy of the customer first casual stroll, try again later, such as customers leave contact information, should notify the relevant salesperson in time. Nineteen, such as a purchase, a return to the consumer at the same time how to do the counter? Customers can not be negligent returns, politely please return the customer wait, hospitality buyers. If the customer try to have time to receive return customers, but also to help take care of colleagues near try on customers. Twenty, such as customer requirements for oral assurance of product quality how to do? Do not do affirmative, promised assurance, to avoid saying "rest assured, no problem," the language, try to avoid the light, as I believe the business is the formal brand manufacturers, is the standard, the sales are good, have not seen any quality problem. Twenty-one, customers in the selection of cosmetics accidentally dropped it on the ground broke up how to do? Customers in the purchase of cosmetics, the first salesperson should take the initiative to prompt customers, because the cosmetics are packaged glassware, picking should be taken to stabilize, if you accidentally fell to the ground should not complain about the bad attitude of the customer should be negotiated Discount sale to her. Twenty-two, such as customer service counters ask what to do after-sales service? (1) to keep the goods does not affect the sale again, within a specified period of time vouchers can be freely returned (2) If you have questions in use, we can call you at any time (3) If you want to deal with these non-quality causes The problem. Twenty-three, if customers still at the counter after nine in the evening try clothes? Still maintain the attitude of warm service, do not show impatience. Twenty-four, mall and owners dissent between the salesperson should play a role? What is the role? Opposition between the mall and the owners divided into the mall is ready to engage in promotional owners do not want to participate, then salesperson should play a link between the mall and the landlord role, should persuade the owners to participate in activities conducive to sales, should not be in both It should play a role as a bridge to explain to the supplier the practice of the mall in order to better sell the cliff in which to sow discord, resulting in a worse impact. Twenty-five, customers do not have the obligation to save water alone? Principle: Remind customers to take away, such as forgetting the obligation to save, not allowed to recover. Such as sir (ladies) This is your water single, please take a good, customers rejected the best or better, and said "I give you to put the shopping bag, this is your proof of purchase, if you have questions, you But also to solve .Twenty-six, such as the reception of customers, suppliers, when approached the slogan how to do? At that time do not refuse when the customer can be wonderful seven recommended products or try on the machine to pull the customer aside, and actively introduced, with the supply Communication, such as suppliers involved easily lead to misunderstanding of customers, resulting in poor impression, or even question the product, which not only affects the sales but also cause unnecessary trouble.Second, some customers do not want to write the customer after purchasing the product file and the customer Explain the benefits of filling out the file. If new goods can be promptly notified her, or there is evidence of future service, etc. Twenty-eight, such as customer wearing the goods will be dirty or damaged how to do? Trying to remind customers to be careful before, pay attention to Language skills, do not arouse the resentment.Although it has been broken, such as after the confirmation does not affect the processing of re-sales try to deal with their own, the impact of re-sale, please help the manager to communicate with the customer solution. That other cities with the brand and then style goods cheaper how to do? General good brand has a very wide sales network, will be in different cities, business, and there will be some differences between regions, this style Not long after we went public, we now have a more individuality to buy and sell, and the city is already hot and the letter is not the same as our channel of quality. Is a boutique mall, clearly the price, but all are the national retail price, the price department often to the mall inspection, the mall also has very strict requirements, definitely will not appear that you say that phenomenon. If the customer thinks the commodity is expensive, the difference price is not willing to buy how to do? The first customer is satisfied with the product itself, the price is the only obstacle, that the value of the product is not worth the price and earn the price is too high are two different concepts. There are also questions, should take several different characteristics of different price comparison introduced to pay attention to open the grade, such as simply make the price is high, you can explain to all the goods excellent , Highlighting the selling point of the product, highlighting the value for money, value for money, not to mention the product after-sales service, business reputation, etc. are also part of its price, but to spend money to buy services, buy integrity is worth it. Customers say other similar shopping mall cheaper how to do? Fashion is a product of fashion, there will be every year trend, popular colors, popular fabrics or styles, all brands may compete for use, so there are some similar products are in The inevitable, I do not know why you say the clothing will be cheaper, our brand of raw materials used to purchase channels is very formal, absolutely no adulteration, style version is also designed by well-known designers, wearing the feeling is not the same effect, ( You try it, looks similar to put on what you see now) You can then compare what is not satisfied with the back (try to highlight the advantages of attracting customers, but not positive accusation of others goods) Thirty-three, in sales and in, Suddenly found the trademark disappeared, the customer said the clothes are not authentic brands do not buy, how to deal with? As in the sales process, the product tag Disappeared, customers think it is counterfeit goods, you should find the same goods to compare, explain patiently because each piece of goods is not necessarily the same paragraph, with the same code certainly, if only this one, because there is no tag to promote Transaction should inform the customer, to send back one from the manufacturer. Thirty-four, the customer finished buying merchandise salesperson how to do? Customers finished buying goods but still did not leave, the salesperson shall not be the first to leave, customers look or touch other products should be the same as the conventional introduction, can not be bought without introduction, customers should politely leave the counter to say goodbye to avoid saying " Take a walk, "" take a good, "the words should say" welcome again. "Welcome to the next visit. Thirty-five, such as customers to allow sales staff to help pay, sales staff do not go to not buy it? (1) Patience and Customer Explanations "We have the provisions of the mall, not allowed salesperson to pay customers, so be it, I accompany you to go to the cashier to pay, if I go to the mall you will be punished me, the cashier (2) If the customer insists that salespeople must pay, otherwise they do not buy, salespeople should first check whether there is a counterfeit money, when the customer nodded, the change should be given to the customer, but also face to face , Must be handed to the hands of customers. Thirty-six, such as the customer less than the fitting room, changing clothes in the store? Should persuade Yin customers to the fitting room, such as the customer does not agree with the salesperson has the obligation to help customers shelter, Angle, do not let the goods fall to the ground, dirty. Thirty-seven, when the two cashier payment are not? Elimination of this phenomenon, such as special circumstances, can guide customers to other floors to pay .Thirty-eighth, when found Mall The provisions of the actual business activities and there are incoherent place should put your ideas and suggestions submitted to the relevant departments in writing, can not be leapfrogger, in the absence of a clear answer, you can not change the provisions of you XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Cost is not high, but now the production process is very advanced fabric weaving, density and other cotton materials are not the same, not comparable, and clothing prices there are brands, design, workmanship and many other elements, so many times Polyester clothing will be more expensive than cotton, silk, these natural fabrics, which is normal. Forty, clothes, lack of broken numbers, how to explain? This brand of clothing will not be much to how much the goods on the market, One on the first, I can call other cities to see if there is a stock, a good brand will not make the same city have more than one piece of the same product, there will be no backlog of large inventory. If you want which number are Yes, can only prove that there is no sale did not buy .41, such as the customer asked whether the garment is pure wool? According to the national standard content of more than 90%, can be called "pure wool." When the fabric content is 90%, it should be called pure wool (Note that the "national standard"); When the fabric contains 100% wool, it should highlight the 100% wool, according to the advantages of wool introduced to encourage customers to try on. Second, if the customer asked what fabric clothing, why so expensive? Fabric is not the only measure of price standards.We like to run this regular brand clothing, in addition to the fabric texture is good, fine workmanship, version is also very correct, And a limited number of branded apparel have their own background culture, wear more comfortable, more taste is value for money, in fact, the price is not expensive. 43, ordering how to do? (1) deposit the premise: Customers no longer stock goods purchased plans, should pay an appropriate deposit at this time before the deposit must remind customers such as the arrival of gold, the return will be deducted certain shipping costs, marked on the small ticket. So that the purchase of goods within the scope is not allowed Deposit, but can order registration, in order to promptly notify, unless the hot goods, customers must deposit the goods. (2) deposit payment: Deposit all open a small ticket, to the cashier. (3) the return of deposit: When the customer does not timely arrival of the goods arrived, the deposit should be returned in full. When the goods ordered has arrived and the customer refuses to buy, as the case should be deducted the corresponding freight will be returned to the balance of the customer, refund procedures and returns the same. Forty-four, fancy commodity money without enough? You can let the customer leave the deposit, we will keep this product, you can make up the full complement of goods tomorrow (because we goods one at a time, I do not guarantee that today there will be no customers to buy, if you are Leave a deposit for you or us are a guarantee .45, customers not shopping but shopping bags? Customers want shopping bags must be needed, should be given to help, and take the initiative to care, so that customers really feel the feeling of God Even if this is not for sale, but has formed a good impression, is conducive to customers to shop again, if not to neither sales, but also to customer dissatisfaction, virtually cause adverse effects.As customer bad attitude, the salesperson can directly security help. Forty-six, in the case of customer rest at the shopping? Please take a rest in the fifth floor cafe, there are all kinds of drinks, television and the environment more elegant .47, do not sit on the chair on the bed? Because the bed is adornment, it is easy to be out of danger, if you are tired, you can sit on the chair .48, if the customer disagrees with the sample? (1) first explain to the customer several situations may be Customers accidentally damaged, but this kind of goods we no matter how we will not sell, we can return to manufacturers, manufacturers will not let me sell defective products. (2), need to be ironed? First and the customer Explain the clothes are not, such as must also be ironed to allow customers to come back later to take, there is no time to have customers, to iron. (3), need dry-cleaning? Each customer will try to buy, if it is very new that fancy people, the clothes themselves are a layer of ash, or else the summer clothes to buy a home have to wash .If the customer also insisted Dry cleaning, then contact the owner or manufacturer to determine the clothes can be dry cleaned, and then promised to customers. 49, the customer finished the product suddenly found the child disappeared? Will children be placed at the counter? With the customer to explain the provisions of the mall is not allowed, and poor care of public places, affecting the work, tell him to have this service desk .. 51, the customer with children how to do? (1) To First of all, remind the child attention, at the same time for adults to hear, use children to understand the language, such as reminding adults to remind invalid (pay attention to the tone of care) (2) when the customer let you help look after children; Should use a mild tone, prompt customers to the service, please go to the sixth floor of the general helpdesk, where there are special services, staff will be more dedicated to take care of your children., (3) When the child falls in the counter or touch the glass; Should be very concerned about the language to ask whether the child is injured or hurt, can not blame the child, such as the child did cry, hurt parents let the first to appease the child, check the counter facilities, and then negotiate with parents if damaged, the implementation of the responsibility, pay attention to clean up (4) If children run away from their parents, other counter salespeople should immediately send their children to their parents and inform their parents that the counter salesperson should take the initiative to remind parents to pick up the goods while taking care of children. (5) Counter health products stained, sales staff have the responsibility to clean up in a timely manner, regardless of whether children deliberately or not, do not blame the goods problems Later in consultation with parents, such as pee. (B), how to deal with emergencies First, see someone in the store photo? To stop, there are provisions of the mall are not allowed to take pictures, do not listen to persuade, if necessary, please help deal with security. Second, meet customers for a long stay, chat with you almost set? Tell him this will affect your normal work, politely politely refused. If you do not listen to advise, silence no longer care about him, a normal reception with customers. Third, other suppliers or other shopping malls, please work for you? As in the mall, suppliers so bad, you as an employee should follow the mall arrangements, have a certain professionalism. Fourth, customers shopping, complain about the radio intermittent, air conditioning is not cool, hard to find when the escalator? Should stand in the mall point of view, to give customers the appropriate explanation, do not play through the customer's topic, the problem is complicated. Five, when entering the stadium, found the counter goods have changed, when the situation is not clear? When working into the store, I found there are changes in counter products should be protected on-site, in a timely manner with the security guards to identify the reasons for this situation is generally not easy to happen, because the salesperson should work out between the next night, inventory of good goods, if not abnormal should be promptly reported . Sixth, if the clerk and customer disputes? First of all, as a quality shopping mall with qualified salesperson, should not have such problems, the service should learn to endure, if aggrieved, misunderstood, should avoid disputes, should not be a positive conflict, should be kept silent. Seven, such as the warm reception, greeting, but met the customer cold reception and dissatisfaction? Should be put on a positive attitude, do not use their own standards to measure the customer, smile and happily face the customer's cold face and cold language, each told him to feel free to look, there is a need to call me immediately, and give customers the freedom to choose the space , Do not keep up with close attention to customers at any time. Such customers do not ask if the salesperson can not take the initiative to introduce. Be careful not to clash with customers. Eight, in case of brutal customer how to do? Persuasion in the case of persuasion, the timely contact with the floor manager or persuade to the office, try not shout at the store, nor with their scolding shouting, have a contradiction. Please help if necessary. Nine, if some mental abnormalities in the store to see goods or stay? You do not have positive contact with him, try to avoid, optimistic about the goods will be damaged, do not whisper with other counter staff, if necessary, please help. Ten, the customer to the salesperson inquire about trade secrets? In case the customer asked the salesperson some trade secrets, the salesperson should shake the mall interests, courtesy, euphemistically refuse to answer any questions, and said that as business do not know so much. 11, in case of strange or disfigured customers how to do? Pay attention to the eyes can not despise the customer, tone of voice, the sound should be careful not to whisper, ridicule ridicule, no special needs, the whole reception process should be the same as usual, if there are special needs, should be more considerate than other customers. Twelve, customers fight in the store hit? In case of customer conflict in the store, the salesperson should promptly persuade, patience, but also should be vigilant to avoid loss of goods, and some customers in order to divert your attention to hostile manufacturing, but if really because of the scramble for goods or Other causes of conflict, salespeople should be patient to explain and resolve conflicts. Thirteen, when faced with customers smoking, spitting and other irregularities should be? (1) Customers should be politely advised to extinguish the cigarette, and that our shopping malls are non-smoking shopping malls, smoking is not allowed. If customers do not listen to advice, insist on smoking, security guards should be found to clear the store. (2) If the customer spits, he should be prompted to spit to the trash can. If you do not listen to discourage, should promptly clean up good environmental sanitation, not to be entangled with. Fourteen, the customer suddenly fainted in the store? When the customer suddenly becomes ill in the store, he should dial 120 immediately after fainting. Before the end of 120, he or she should remain calm and check if any relatives in his belongings are dialing in time to inform him of the prompt delivery to his family. Such as emergency vehicles at the end should take some appropriate first aid measures to the patient, such as pinch "kernel". Fifteen, customers try the clothes in the counter when the stool is broken, hurt customers or stools have nails to the customer clothing? (1) When the customer trying on clothes in the cabinet, as a result of a broken stool customer fell to the ground, the salesperson should be patient for the customer to check whether the injury, and apologize in good faith to obtain customer understanding, customers should not complain about the stool Both sit bad, so that customers compensate (2) If the stool nails carelessly to the clothes, pants off when the salesperson should be patient and sincerely seek the understanding of customers. If serious damage to clothes should take the initiative to repair customers, try to get the customer understanding, can not say you careless. If the customer is more angry, but make the problem more difficult to solve. Sixteenth, when the mall's managers misunderstood you, how to communicate? Later find managers to explain the situation in detail to her, and put your feelings of feelings, tell her truthfully, managers will understand, not when everyone conflicts with the management theory, theory. That impolite, can not solve the problem. Seventeen, when your family something or special circumstances need to leave immediately? First of all, get in touch with the floor manager, and get consent, and then arrange for your colleagues to see the counter for you, confessed to leave clearly. Eighteen, two long-lost customers chatted vigorously in the store, affecting sales? Greet first, enthusiastically find a secluded corner, let the two talk or introduce the five-story cafe. Nineteen, mall power outage or spray damage (large area) how to deal with? In case of sudden power outage mall, the salesperson should remain calm. While taking good care of your counter merchandise, do not hesitate to appease your customers. Assign managers and security guards to clear up good customers and take care of each other's nearby counters. In the event of a large area out of control sprinkler system, the goods should be promptly removed to avoid moisture loss, the first time to notify the security switch off to avoid greater losses, but also should be proactive to clean up the site, do not grievances, . Nineteen, how to deal with a thief? (1) When you see a person suspected of a thief, such as counters without customers, to be vigilant, take good care of goods, immortal, but to maintain a high degree of seriousness, so that the thief is an opportunity. Such as counter customers, but also with appropriate methods to remind customers pay attention to property safety. (2) When you see the thief is stealing, you should be cautious about implying that the customer can not explain it. At the same time, it indicates the nearby staff to assist in the generation of security. The slogan is "6610". (3) If the goods have been found lost, the security should be reported as soon as possible, such as alarm or phone call, inform the security suspects and commodity conditions. Twenty, in the receipt of the goods sent by the manufacturer, found that changes in the packaging or its weight does not match the bill? (1) first of all should refuse to sign, should look at the delivery person to clear the goods in person, if any change or loss, should find its compensation. (2) Sometimes the outside of the box is damaged in the course of transportation, the noodles should be cleared out. If no loss is found, damage can be sign, if found damaged or lost should be held accountable. Alabara children's clothing factory production for sale of primary sources to join the distribution hotline;

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