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Recently, the European Art ** will publish a survey report, pointing out that China surpassed the United States last year, occupying 30 percent of the world’s consumer market for antique art, surpassing 29 percent of the United States, and has become a global The first antique art consumer is a large country, while the English and the French followed, occupying the third and fourth place.

As the saying goes, "Fengshi Play Collection" has gradually entered a period of prosperity after more than half a century of rapid and steady development. However, bringing the art market into the eyes of the public and making it known to everyone is starting from a crisis. Today, art auctions and the entire collection market have become the preferred method for asset investment and financial speculation. The gold ** brought prosperity to the market, but it also brought chaos to the market. A market with an artistic taste is being spurred by the desires. The number of counterfeits in the art market of Jinyu Jade Clothing and Han Dynasty jade is endless. Here, we will make an inventory of the art auctions that come along this way.

Jin Yu Yu clothing

In 2011, the “Jinyu Jade Clothing” incident caused great public dissatisfaction. Merchant Xie Genrong and director of appraisal center of Beijing Zhongbiao Cultural Relics Appraisal Center Niu Fuzhong, used jade tablets to make a fake “Jinyu Jade Clothes”, and five domestic top antique expert appraisers appraised RMB 2.4 billion for this assessment and obtained hundreds of thousands of appraisal fees. . Xie Genrong used this paper to value and defrauded the bank to release 700 million ** and finally 540 million yuan.

Han Dynasty jade

In early 2011, a set of “Han Dynasty Jade Stools” with auctioned price of 220 million yuan in Beijing became the “most expensive jade device” in the auction market. Recently, there were net posts and the jade stool was actually made in 2010 in Zhangzhou, Jiangsu. After investigating the reporter's investigation, it was discovered that the sky-high price of the “Han Stool” was indeed the name of Zhao's jade carving artist who had been copied from the old piece of the Ming Dynasty in the state of Chenzhou.

"The Han Dynasty jade stool is actually a joke, and now many authoritative experts are questioning this matter. An antique jade stool came out of the Ganzhou workshop. Why did it become the Han Dynasty and flowed into the auction market at a flash?" Ming said that the mystery of this is interest-driven. "Of course, things can evolve into the current situation. People who run old, expert appraisers, and auction companies are actually pushing things."

The painter Yang Zhiguang was busy on the 51th:

“On May 5th, we can't go too busy and we have to fight!” On April 30th, the famous painter Yang Zhiguang and her daughter Yang Hong told the reporter that starting from the early morning of the 29th, the two fathers and daughters had browsed the recent online auction on the Yachang Art Auction. The auction previewed the pictures, and it was surprisingly found that from the end of April to the mid-to-late May auction, there were more than 40 works that Yang Zhiguang had personally identified as defective products.

"I am very sad and I don't know how to tell those buyers." With the help of her daughter, Yang Zhiguang copied the serial number of the works she thought was fakes and published it in the microblog of "Yang Zhiguang Art Center - Yang Hong."

Yang Hong listed on the microblogging a "black list" of fakes, including: April 21 and 22 at Beijing Poly Auction No. 3911 Yang Zhiguang "dance figures", 4615 Yang Zhiguang "character sketched two frames"; April 22 Hong Kong Jia Fu Auction No. 0269 Yang Zhiguang "Arab Dance"; April 28 Beijing Ruiping International Auction No. 0353 Yang Zhiguang works "dance"; April 29th, Shanghai Hengli Auction No. 0267 Yang Zhiguang "Ceramic" ”, Beijing Guanlan auction number is 0034 Yang Zhiguang “Portrait of Huang Xi”, 0228 Yang Zhiguang “character”, 0229 Yang Zhiguang “Little Hero of the Prairie”.

At the upcoming auction held in May, two of Yang Zhiguang's father and daughter also identified a number of counterfeit goods, including: May 4th Shanghai Chongyuan Art Auction No. 0344 Yang Zhiguang “after class”, May 10 China Heritage International Auction No. 0403 Yang Zhiguang “Sleeping Beauty” and May 11th Beijing Qianshan International Auction Yang Zhiguang No. 0145 “People” 0152 “Folk Dance”, 0163 “People”, 0485 “Letters of Letters and Letters”; May 11 Beijing The Urban Union International Auction No. 0198 Yang Zhiguang's "First Life"; May 13th Guardian International Auction No. 1094 Yang Zhiguang "Spanish Dance" and 1097 "Happy Dutal"; May 13 Anhui Hexin Auction No. 0692 , 0832 Yang Zhiguang "characters"; May 17 Beijing Oriental Grand View number 0173 Yang Zhiguang "Dancing Girl" and so on.

"Zhi Zhilong VS Sotheby" incident:

The much-anticipated “Zhi Zhilong VS Sotheby’s” incident ended on the evening of the 16th when Zhi Zhilong published a Weibo post saying “I now confirm that “Consumer Image” No. 37 is a non-defective product”. But people's arguments have not ended. The incident itself is just a simple stage of "fighting against refutation and clarification," but it is like a reasoning drama with hidden suspiciousness at each step.

Things started on the evening of April 2. The Sotheby's Contemporary Asian Art 2012 Spring Auction was held in Hong Kong. In the second half of the auction, artist Zhi Zhilong forwarded the news on his work and wrote the word "Impression." Later, under people's inquiries, he made a statement on Weibo: “I’ve done my own consumer image work: 1. I have never drawn a nipple because the model of the early calendar was not so explicit; 2. The largest number with the number is 26, I have not edited 35; 3, my taste is not so bad.”

"Palace" was accused of counterfeiting

This matter is public and reasonable, and her husband is reasonable.

"Palacewoman" was accused of saying that this matter was public and reasonable, and her husband said that she was rational and tossed for nearly three years. Today, she finally goes to the legal process. What will happen to the true and the false? This matter also reminded a large number of collectors that tens of millions should be cautious. No matter how well-known the brand or reputation is, the auction company cannot guarantee that the auction product is 100% authentic. The best way to not buy fake products is to read more and learn more. A pair of eye-catching eyes.

Known fake photosake: 500 yuan Mei bottles shoot 8.8 million yuan

"How much do you think this dollar worth of blue-and-white plum blossoms?" On June 18th, at the home of Mr. Jin (Anonym), a collector in Beijing, a plump bottle of blue and white flowers was placed on the shelf in the living room. , Crystal spots penetrate the ancient infiltration of the tires, painting smooth, vivid characters. "How could it cost hundreds of thousands more? Would you just leave it?" The Yangcheng Evening News reporter was surprised.

Mr. Jin laughed but took out an auction certificate from his drawer. After opening the certificate, the reporter couldn't help but sip a cold air, only to see the big seal of a well-known auction company on one side while writing the auction price of the yuan XX plum blossom auction: 8800000 yuan***.

"Do not be nervous, the certificate is true, something is new!" Mr. Jin laughed. In the collection industry, it is most afraid of saying something "new" and "new", that is, modern antiques.

"How could it be? The company used to shoot tens of thousands of yuan worth of artwork, something new, and dared to send you an auction certificate several years ago." Hearing questions from reporters, Mr. Jin is not too busy. "Really I shot it, but the seller is me, the buyer, or me.” He took out a large envelope, which contained “iron badges like mountains”: a spring auction catalogue printed by the auction company. Mei Biao; A receipt of the auction company with the “RMB 40,000 receipt fee”; a reference number; a beat card.

Mr. Jin’s plum bottle was “shipped” at the auction company’s spring auction. Along with this plum bottle, there are also a total of 7 items such as a kiln washing. “The plum bottle was bought in Panjiayuan and it took about 500 yuan, and the transaction price was 8.8 million yuan. The kiln washing was low imitation, bought 50 yuan, and the transaction price was 3 million yuan, 7 pieces. All of them 'paid', but the seller is me, the buyer is still me. Something toss and take 7 certificates, the cost is the handling fee of the auction company 40,000 yuan."

It is reported that at the time, Mr. Kim took things to the seller's friends, a total of nine people. Everyone took several shots of the collection. Most of them were worthless “new” things. A few of them were genuine products, and they were also bad goods with poor quality. According to the starting price of 3% -5% to the auction company to pay the fee, Mr. Kim given 40,000 yuan, the total starting price is 1 million yuan, "This 40,000 yuan including the illustration fee, custodial fees, commissions, etc., money After the payment, the auction company very consciously gave the seller a qualification to participate in the auction.Although according to industry regulations, the seller is not allowed to participate in the auction, but who will go to law enforcement?So, or find someone, or in person, in the store Placing the cards for their own items as a childcare is already an open secret."

Mr. Jin’s group of nine players received a total of nine cards, which was “a hurricane” at the time. Everyone sits in various corners. Every time a group of nine people starts to shoot, there are natural placards, but perhaps the goods are too "open" (Note: "Open the door" is an antique jargon, popularly speaking is "a product", Looks like it is the real thing. Nearly 100 pieces of the quiz have all been given to them. "You don't think we are miserable. I watched it on the court. In a field of hundreds of people, there are at least 4 piles of "combination" of eye contact like us."

Qian Zuhai said in an interview with the China Economic Network that issues of honesty, authenticity, and valuation in the art market are frequent, and the legal system needs to be improved. “At the same time, investors should also have a rational mentality.” Zhai Zuhai mentioned that some time ago in the propaganda week held by the Cultural Market Department, he put forward three slogans that determine the core value of art is culture, and the art market operates The guideline is integrity and the wisdom of the art collectors should be rational.

Those who enter the art market with a speculative mentality are not few. When there is a lack of necessary knowledge or problems with the eyesight, it will lead to both human and financial losses. How can investors prevent impulse mentality? Zhai Zuhai made the following recommendations.

First, it should be noted that the dual value of works of art, cultural values ​​and wealth values ​​exist at the same time, and the core value is culture. The expansion of the art market requires investment mentality, but this mentality should be based on the understanding of the development of the art market.

The second is to rely on standardized market intermediary behavior. “How to pursue a reasonable investment, I don’t understand it myself, but I have money and I’m looking for a dealer for the artwork,” said Ju Zuhai. There are a group of **** companies growing up in the art. They provide professional services and collect corresponding commissions.

The third is to pay attention to the soundness of legal norms. For example, the problem of false identification, laws and regulations do not make any provisions on the conduct of the market's identification. There is no provision for the establishment of an accreditation body and the qualifications of appraisers. There is no stipulation in the accreditation procedure itself, and there is no regulation on what the final appraisal result should be. It can be said that “three nothings” products, which have a great impact on the healthy development and development of the market. influences. "In the future, intermediary services in the area of ​​appraisal shall also provide for thresholds, procedural provisions, and conclusions of the appraisal shall bear corresponding civil liabilities."

The launch of art share trading has undoubtedly provided a new investment area for investors in the securities market. Because the share of art shares has largely borrowed from the trading rules of stocks, it is also publicly traded on the Internet, and its trading process is a familiar way for investors, and investors can invest in the share of artworks as if they were buying stocks. Moreover, the threshold for opening an account for the share of artwork is only 50,000 yuan, and investors in the stock market can basically satisfy such opening conditions. Therefore, the share of investment in works of art can be said to be tailor-made for investors. It is a new area that is suitable for investors to invest.

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