Autumn IN most tide fashion ABC children's clothing 2012 autumn series grand debut

ABC children's clothing 2012 autumn series of new grand debut! Want to feel the most IN this autumn tide fashion? Want to collect popular little Lolita, small too too fashion equipment? And ABC together to embark on the children's fashion love it! Classic European campus style knitting Cardigan with skinny jeans, high to help leather shoes, just like a little artist! Is too version of "Justin Bieber", who can refuse? Deep purple light with a romantic Provence style, Little Lolita this purple romance Come, bring out the jumping purple notes. Rebellious deep purple checkered vest, with stripe knit, with a small black hat, interpretation of the most rammed, the most popular style of urban fashion. Classic checkered fall in love with straw knit hat, dark denim with brown high-top shoes, a small "handsome pot" can lead early autumn fashion style! Fun childhood, my fashion I call the shots! Floral dress, pink striped tights, color coordination and delicate, highlighting the princess quiet and pleasant temperament children! As the leading brand in China's children's products industry, ABC adhering to the "because of love" brand concept, that children should have a Belong to their own free and easy space for growth. Starting from today, I look up to the children, look at everything from the perspective of children, and see the world again in a simple way through their eyes. Love, let TA to create a dream! This fall, the children's fashion journey within reach of ABC!

Custom printed Coreflute logo
The Corflute signage is ideal for any short or medium term, indoor or outdoor signage needs.
Although it is not recommended to use the corflute logo for a long time, it still offers many qualities.
Custom printed Coreflute logo can be Die Cut any size to meet the needs of different customers
The Corflute logo offers an affordable alternative to the advantages of a strong, durable, lightweight, waterproof product. Whenever you change your event easily
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Features and benefits
• Custom printed graphics for exclusive brands.
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• Perfect for indoor and outdoor use and widely used in the real estate industry
Trading people in the construction industry.
• Industries include: real estate 'for sale' signs, political events, fair signs, exhibitions or events
Signage, architectural sign or trade show sign.

technical details
Coreflute is available in thicknesses up to 1200mm x 2400mm and is available in thicknesses of 3mm, 5mm and 6mm.
8mm.3mm is only suitable for smaller signs and is usually only used indoors.
5mm is the most commonly used thickness, used inside and outside, rigid enough
It is useful even at full paper size. The 6mm and 8mm versions are often used less frequently.
Additional rigidity or robustness is necessary.
• Also known as: cor-flute, pastic, corrugated signage, printed trade mark, architectural sign.
• Produce full color corflute logos using the latest digital solvent printing technology.
• Use the computer to cut vinyl lettering to create a simple corflute logo.

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