Big brands fall in love with street stalls, luxury brand temporary shop model rises

Chanel, LV, Apple, Shiseido and other well-known brands put up a street vendor to fight guerrillas. What do they want?

At the temporary storefront, everyone will first think of selling small vendors such as fruits and flowers. In fact, many years ago, many international big names who sit in shopping arcades have begun to try this guerrilla-style business model. There are many of them in Chanel. , LV, Apple, Shiseido and other famous brands.

During the Paris Fashion Week in March this year, Chanel and Colette jointly rented a simple shop transformed from an old factory for 10 days. The joint sales of new design products and on-site personalized customization, there is no dazzling window, only the factory's white wall, simple lighting , also attracted a large number of trend people.

In the past, temporary stores were synonymous with seasonality and discount promotions. Now, temporary stores are in contact with fashion. According to Japanese designer Kawakubo, "The essence of fashion is life-threatening death. It is necessary to sell products before death as early as possible." Temporary shops can make fashion "get the maximum degree of transmission." Therefore, temporary stores are now widely used in the retail of fashion products and fast moving consumer goods.

For companies, guerrilla warfare not only helps raise the visibility of new products at a low cost, but also can be used for product sales trials and consumer education. Fruit juice manufacturer Innocent had opened a party store in an abandoned tram before launching new products because the market information obtained was faster and more direct than market research. Hermès’s guerrilla shop had workshops using scarves, while Nike’s guerrilla shops provided running and dancing training courses.

Fashion-type temporary stores can be closer to consumers while still losing the brand's shape, and are based on some unique methods of operation:

In product design, emphasis on uniqueness and one-time. It is different from the existing fixed shop, even the temporary shop before and after. Vacant is a retailer that mainly provides guerrilla shop services for international brands. It cooperated with Nike, Reebok, BMW, K-swiss and other manufacturers and launched uniquely designed guerrillas in New York, London, Paris, Shanghai, and Tokyo. shop. Every time the shop is a one-time, limited-edition product.

In the site selection, temporary stores will be selected by consumers, but it is an unexpected location. On the one hand, it is closer to consumers and on the other hand, it has the feeling of surprise. Wal-Mart had a temporary store in Miami Beach for only 2 days, selling the Metro 7 apparel line that was new at the time. Gap also converted a school bus into a temporary sales vehicle, displaying T-shirts, flip-flops and beach hats, and sent the product to the door of the consumer. Japanese fashion designer Kawakubo's clothing guerrilla shop site has school labs, old car repair shops and other places that are difficult to think of.

The best tool for attracting eyeballs in temporary stores is mystery. Each of Chu Kawakubo's costume guerrilla stores uses the local country code area code as a code, such as Hong Kong. +852, Denmark's +45, inspired by local characteristics, and even the flavor of Vietnamese Noodle House. Once the business is over, the links to the shop on the site will show the bold red “has disappeared” words, and all links will no longer be usable. So people will look forward to the next guerrilla shop. In the first few months, the sportswear brand Lotto's guerrilla shops, which were created with the theme of “I know women's hearts”, attracted many fans by relying on the exposure of movie releases before the global release.

How do temporary stores that come and go like the wind tell consumers?

First choice, the shop is located around the consumer's location, there is a clear consumer positioning, not afraid of no one to see, such as Chanel's guerrilla shop for the Cannes Film Festival, Uniqlo's guerrilla shop in the subway station. Secondly, relying on the popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook, supplemented by trendy websites and a small amount of poster publicity, the impact of publicity was achieved in a short period of time.

The guerrilla warfare business model has attracted many entrepreneurs who aim for design and creativity because of their low cost and easy operation. However, they often find it difficult to operate successfully. In fact, this model is more suitable for existing brands of known brands, or at least with well-known brands and experts. The reason is that the temporary store has a short operating time and is targeted at a relatively small number of consumer groups. Therefore, the income is not large, and it is difficult to rely on this model to support the growth of the company. In comparison, well-known brands and experts can bring more definite sources of customers and ensure the sales of shops.

In the domestic market, some companies have also begun to try this model. For example, Semir has recently launched a T-shirt temporary store in the form of a container across the country. In 2010, Coca-Cola's Coulee Vitamin also adopted a guerrilla store in Shanghai and Beijing. The way to promote.

From the rise of the temporary store model, it can be seen that consumers’ demand for novelty and trend is increasing. It is not only the product's creativity, but also the innovation of shopping experience. In addition, the trend of shorter and shorter cycles requires companies to be closer to consumers in order to deliver ideas for innovative products more efficiently.

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