Bushaka Bushaka women show the details of urban women in the sexy and self-confidence

Bushaka Bushaka Women's is a brand with 25-35 year-old independent and confident fashion urban women. Elegant and passionate, to show the details of urban women in the sexy and self-confidence, bushaka design philosophy.

bushaka布莎卡女装  展现都市女性生活细节中的性感与自信

Bursaspor women through the lively and bold use of color, fashion, popular elements to be integrated. Soft lines, casual atmosphere, the freedom of the combination, reflecting the elegant, passionate and natural style. Work emphasis on the waist and buttocks arc cut, to be selected in Japan and South Korea's environmentally friendly fabrics, showing a beautiful woman in the comfort curve.

bushaka布莎卡女装  展现都市女性生活细节中的性感与自信

The store's rustic, natural-looking design creates a brand atmosphere of atmosphere, elegance and modernity combined with a cordial and meticulous service that places bushaka in the hearts of independent and confident urban women together.

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