Card Di Pei Meng men's casual expression gentleman gentleman style

Card Di Pei Meng, one from Pei Meng Industrial Co., Ltd. under the top leisure brand, an elegant gentleman elegant style casual. Caliph Pei Meng costumes generous simple design and workmanship, the most appropriate representation of the casual men's gentleman style. With the theme of "Shanghai Art Leisure", Card Di Peimeng makes use of the multi-layered colors to reasonably adjust the proportion of product mix. It also integrates with the brand personality of Shanghai's commercial and metropolitan occupation and art culture to create personal space for contemporary work, culture, life and leisure. , To create a kind of urban art leisure way, for "Cagi Pei Meng", it brought the original is a happy, comfortable, artistic concept of humanity. Card Di Meng Meng "in the design of the leisure, life, art, culture, business, business brand personality, and through the simple, stylish approach to deal with, bringing many of the taste of mature men!

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