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Certificate issued by the national authority of Jadeite ABCD cargo certificate - Sihui Tianguang Market The Emerald Certificate issued by a national authority has one item in its identification. If it is a natural Jadeite A product, the result is only the word “Jade”, and the words “A cargo” and “natural” will not be marked. Please pay attention to the following aspects:

First, only a natural A product will issue a certificate that results in “Jade”. (Sihui Tianguang Market)

Secondly, if it is the B cargo jadeite, the identification result of the certificate will be marked with "emerald (treatment)", "emerald (plastic injection)", "emerald (B)" or "emerald (optimized)".

Third, the C cargo jadeite will be marked with "emerald (stained)".

Fourthly, D-item Jade, in the certification certificate result, will not appear "emerald", what substitutes, to indicate the name of such substitutes, such as "artificial glass", "dyed quartzite," " Jade jade, Malay jade, etc.

Fifth, the certificate should be one-to-one correspondence, that is, a thing a certificate, and the certificate should have the picture and weight of the goods.

Although some things come from a piece of raw material, the appearance looks very similar, but the jade jewelry is not exactly the same. A thing with a certificate does not prove the quality of the entire batch. In order to save costs, some businesses have only one certificate as a sample. The goods and objects on the photo are also very similar. This does not determine that the batch of goods they sell is natural. This practice does not comply with the state regulations.

Sixth, some of the basic physical, chemical and optical characteristics of jadeite should also be marked on the certificate.

Refractive index: 1.66 (This is a unique index of refraction of jade that is unique to other gems);

Density: 3.33 (also a distinguishing feature of jade and other precious stones);

Enlargement detection: fiber interweaving structure (this is a unique structure of jadeite);

Absorption spectrum: 437 nm absorption line (absorption spectrum unique to jadeite);

Color filter inspection: no reaction (some dyed jade will turn red under the filter);

Light: aggregates (Jade is a micro mineral aggregate);

Fluorescence: None (some B products will have a fluorescent reaction after injection);

Appearance characteristics: glass luster (some B goods will show a waxy luster). (Sihui Tianguang Market)

Finally, there must be signatures of the inspectors, and the most important point is that the certificates must have stencils or anti-counterfeiting marks.

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