Chan's new store opened cloud underwear friends: Nanchang Wanda Street store grand opening

Underwear market is getting better and better, we Chan's underwear brand stores are more and more. Just a few days ago, Chan's Yunnan Wanda Gold Street store has a grand opening 啦. If you have not seen our Chan cloud underwear opened the scene, Xiaobian now can take everyone to review the opening moment of each wonderful moments.


New store has just opened, and ultimately, there are some activities to join. Over99 yuan can participate in Chan cloud lottery activities: first prize hat, second prize scarf, third prize hand cream, lucky prize wash fluid. At the same time there are boutique bra 1 yuan limit buy Oh! In order to celebrate the opening of the new store, the audience of the underwear and home service a 6.9 fold, this depth of discount, is bound to attract many small partners to join?


To attract consumers to come to spend more than just our Chan promotion of the cloud, many of them are directed at our brand cloud to Chan. Not only here to buy their own favorite underwear suits, you can also buy the more needs of the current home service. Diversification of products, well meet the consumer demand for underwear series.


Of course, there are many brands in the underwear market, why only Chan cloud much loved by consumers? Chan cloud has always been based on consumer demand as the starting point, as much as possible to meet their needs and requirements. Therefore, we can successfully capture these many years of consumer recognition, so that they become Chan cloud loyal consumers.


If you also want to join the family, you can now leave a message or call the brand. Enterprises will be the first time you get in touch with the relevant issues to join. Of course, you can also visit brand companies for zero-distance contact. Chan cloud underwear brand look forward to the next franchisee is opening you! !


Finally, we once again wish that we Chan's new underwear shop: opened, the business is booming, extra cash! ! !

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