Chu Court TRUGIRL: chiffon chiffon is the style of fashion

Chu Pavilion TRUGIRL summer series, chiffon chiffon design is a major fashion highlight. Tulle transparent texture infiltration of the beauty of the faint, a touch of sexy never exaggerated, special design is refreshing through it.

TRUGIRL tulle chiffon dress fresh and elegant, so that you are more colorful in front of everyone, easily won the crown of the wave of flu queen.

Thin chiffon blouse with a pair of jeans, so simple a dress absolutely cool, coupled with a pair of perspective high heels, double the freshness.

楚阁TRUGIRL: 薄纱雪纺才是时尚格调

Fashion is not because you are wearing fashion, fashion is because you wear the style with what kind of match is the fashion it? Chu Court women chiffon chiffon blouses with dress version of the shirt style with a flower shorts, this dress is absolutely sweet, summer is also very engaging.


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