"COCCI poses Iraq" 2010 A&W Fashion Release and Ordering Conference will be held soon

The “COCCI Avatar” 2010 A&W Fashion Briefing will be held from July 4th to June 6th, 2010 at Jingmingda Hotel in Shenzhen. The four major themes of autumn and winter will be presented at this time, and 220 new and old friends will be invited to the invitation!

The core message: "COCCI can pose Iraq" 2010A & W Fashion Conference will be held on July 4th - 6th, 2010 held in Jingmingda Hotel, Shenzhen. At that time, we will show you the four major themes of autumn and winter in 2010. Please come to visit!

"COCCI can be in a good position". The interaction between fashion and emotion is in the artistic space. Through the decomposition and reorganization of fashion by the designers, people naturally feel the classic and elegant brand culture. In addition to the design, “COCCI is a good thing” in the raw materials of clothing is also a great effort. Most of the fabrics are from South Korea and Europe. Women who use premium fabrics to make a mid-range price have always been “COCCI”. The purpose.
“COCCI is a good thing” is so demanding in terms of materials, but it is actually due to the specific groups of people it serves—fashionable women of good taste. They have a good sense of the trend, a balance between career and family, an open international thinking, and personality. Independent; elegant temperament, so the charm of the year represents the overall image of a new generation of Chinese fashion women in the context of global integration.

Conference time: July 4-6, 2010
Conference Venue: Jingmingda Hotel, Shenzhen

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