Collaborative knowledge of brand-name jewelry

The wearing of jewellery is a university question. In many cases, it is even more important than the clothing itself. It is suitable for wearing it. It is like a finishing touch. If it is wrong, it becomes a target, as if it is a public joke.

How to play the inner charm and function of jewellery? First of all, you should know what jewellery to wear and where to wear jewellery. In people's past beliefs, it is believed that only formal and solemn occasions can wear jewellery. In other occasions, it is not suitable for wearing jewellery. In fact, this is a kind of deviation of understanding. As long as it is suitable for wearing, jewelry can be worn in any occasion. Everyone has a deeper understanding of clothing, knowing the difference between formal wear, casual wear, dress, casual wear, etc., and knows to wear different clothes on different occasions, but in the wearing of jewelry, it seems that knowledge is lacking. A piece of jewelry is not taken off when it is put on, and it is all occasions.

Things to be aware of when wearing jewelry on several major occasions:

For professional women, there are more restrictions on the accessories of professional wear. In addition to adhering to certain principles, in fact, you spend a little thought, cleverly choose the jewelry that suits your temperament and style, and shape your unique taste. You find confidence and success. key. In order to break through the simplicity of the color of the professional wear, you can match some vivid colored gemstones on the chest and the hairline, as well as the necklace. In addition to the seriousness of the professional wear, it transmits the vitality and beauty of women. The choice of such colored gemstones must be noted that the quality of the gemstones, the color of the gemstones must be pure and beautiful, the anti-fire of the gemstones must be good, and the gemstones must have aura.

At the same time, on the basis of professional wear, clever jewellery can play the role of cleverly changing the shape of the professional wear. The two most important jewels here are necklaces and brooches. On the side of the collar of the suit, a curved design brooch can add a few dynamic movements to the solemnity of the suit; the length of the necklace, the color of the material, and the design style are different, and the clever combination can also Increase the dynamic and rhythmic beauty of the suit.

For special occupations and special occasions, it is best to wear personalized jewellery that suits your professional personality and taste. You should give full play to the emotional and cultural connotation of jewellery, making it a symbolic body language. It is best to wear a professional. A unique jewelry product designed and manufactured. It best reflects your unique taste and personal charm.

In general, when you are traveling and relaxing at home, you should also pay attention to the form of jewelry wear and the matching with clothing. Generally, in this informal occasion, you wear colored gems and semi-precious stones with design, which complements the combination of casual wear. A different taste.

Visiting relatives and friends in the Spring Festival is the best time for everyone to fully display their personality and taste. Wear colored gemstones in a timely and appropriate manner, which will add a little color to this special millennium spring, and will give your family and friends a A feeling of enthusiasm and relaxation. During the Spring Festival, if you attend a formal occasion such as a celebration party, you should wear a designer jewellery set. If you wear more than two pieces of jewellery, you should pay attention to it. Jewelry designers have designed a set of jewellery to help you solve this problem.

Common suits are available; two-piece suit, three-piece suit, four-piece suit, and five-piece suit.

Two-piece set: (necklace + ring), (ring + earrings), (necklace + earrings), (earrings + brooch), (bangle + earrings)

Three-piece set; (ring + necklace + earrings), (ring + necklace + brooch)

Four-piece set: (ring + necklace + earrings + brooch), (ring + necklace + earrings + bracelet)

Five-piece suit: (ring + necklace + earrings + brooch + bracelet), (ring + necklace + earrings + bracelet + headwear)

Be sure to be careful when wearing a suit. If you don't wear it properly, you will make a joke. Generally speaking, it is indispensable for everyone. For formal occasions, in principle, it is required to wear a suit or a high-end jewelry close to the suit. The set has certain requirements in material, style and craft, and requires consistency. Two sets of accessories, a wide range of applications, generally more casual, can be equipped with any clothing, into any occasion, but requires jewelry materials, modeling, workmanship, and the environment, clothing can match.

Four-piece sets and five-piece sets must be worn with caution. Only formal and grand occasions can be worn. If the environment is not suitable, it will be suspected of being too artificial and too negative. As the number of kits increases, the weight of the color increases, and the influence on the color and design of the garment is relatively large. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to the coordination and coordination with the wearing environment.

For example, the jade suit is best worn in formal occasions at night, and the green of the emerald can be elegant and elegant under the light, while in the daylight, the green is full of glare. Platinum sapphire sets will look more suitable for such occasions and will appear calmer. Ruby and diamond sets will have a good effect under the light. The pearl sets have strong adaptability. In most occasions, they will not look dazzling. The British Princess Diana has a lot of pearl sets, she often wears Pearl sets are always elegant and luxurious when they attend a variety of occasions. Therefore, I suggest that you should have a set of pearls for your use. It is not very demanding with clothing.

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