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Whether it is shuttling between office OFFICE LADY, or busy at home life full-time wife, always looking for the most suitable for their comfort, create their own time and space. As you wish, the spring and summer of 2014, Admirals advocates a new concept of lifestyle that is "comfortable and gentle, starting with Everyday." Soft colors, comfortable fabrics and caring design everywhere Everyday series of simple, comfortable, wild features appeal - love to give you the most comfortable and most gentle pressure personal equipment. The company is located in:

爱慕 - Aimer

Everyday workwear, or glamorous gowns, the Everyday Collection's medium-sized mold cup bras are your number one choice when it comes to maintaining elegance. Designed according to the principle of air diversion pad Canada, easy to breathable non-condensable sweat effect, thickened soft sponge wrapped steel support, enhance the comfort of everyday wear, let you experience the sense of pressure without any surprise gather. A new type of mold cup, traceless wear, easy to eliminate the embarrassment of underwear marks. Non-slip shoulder strap of careful consideration, elegant gesture freely show. The company is located in:

舒适缓压 从爱慕Everyday系列内衣开始

Cup inside the air guide layer

Has been advocating comfortable, healthy love, spring and summer of 14 new Everyday series of "butterfly soft film" bra. PVC soft rubber butterfly film in the film to ensure the convergence effect, both bra-free comfort with steel, it can be like a bra without a steel tube bending, you can heart and the human body together, whether it is busy work or sports and leisure , Let you enjoy the perfect curve without restraint all day. In a special period of a woman's monthly, it is no pressure, the care of slow pressure, to bring you more comfort, caring about your health. The company is located in:

舒适缓压 从爱慕Everyday系列内衣开始

Everyday series loves to introduce a no-load cup vest - the Bra and the strap blend, so you no longer strapless strap embarrassment. Everyday series of vests strive to make it easy to wild all kinds of color and material coat, simplifying life. In the spare time of home life, entertainment party friends, all let you be with you. The company is located in:

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