Conference negotiation skills

[China Glass Network] The company always has various meetings, conferences, conference meetings, program discussion meetings, communication meetings, and meeting meetings. In these general meetings, how to control the negotiation process, control the rhythm, promote opinions, guide discussions, etc. This is the negotiation law at the meeting.

1, prepare in advance

If you don't fight unprepared, if you have a meeting with your own opinions and suggestions, you must prepare in advance and list one two three four. What is my point of view? What reason is needed to support? What impact does the proposed view have on the company? Which departments need to be involved? How do these departments work together? What loss of interest will there be? Are these losses controllable? and many more.

2, communicate in advance

Be prepared to communicate before the meeting, especially when it comes to the relevant departments' proposals. What impact these proposals will have on these departments needs to be blown up in advance. Even if it hurts the interests of certain departments, you should communicate with these departments in advance. Don't wait until the meeting. If you raise it, the other party is instinct to defend itself. If you are "one blow," you will resist and your proposal will be difficult. Explain it.

3. Inclusion in the agenda

Whether your proposal lists the agenda of the meeting has a lot to do with whether or not your proposal can be expressed. If you are the chairman of the meeting, you can submit your proposal in the meeting and hand it over to the participants for discussion. However, if you are only a participant, try to communicate with the chairman of the meeting in advance and put the proposal into the agenda.

If you make an abrupt proposal in the meeting, the chairman of the meeting will not let you express your opinions because of uncertainty. Because of the proposals and suggestions you put forward, he does not know what it is. Therefore, there is no way to control it.

4, test the balloon

Test the balloon, that is, you communicate with the meeting staff in advance, and ask: Is your proposal in line with the current situation of the company? Can it be included in the company agenda? Can you get everyone's response? For example, in a meeting at a certain month when the company's performance is not satisfactory, if you propose a new product promotion and delivery policy, it is easy to get a response. However, if the situation is good, you are proposing a proposal to reduce sales expenses. It is estimated that everyone will not agree.

Especially your allies, you must say hello, how do you need your allies to support? If it involves the interests of allies, it is necessary to communicate in advance.

5, first speak, lead the discussion

When I was in college, I had an experience: after a lecture, I reserved the question interaction phase. On the basis of the previous problem, it is generally difficult to produce. That is to say, most people are not willing to listen to the previous question. Because they are shooting the birds, they don’t know whether the questions they ask are level, so there will often be a short-lived cold spot. Situation. It may be the reason why the newborn calf was not afraid of the tiger at that time. I often grabbed the microphone and asked the previous question, so I got a lot of opportunities and exercised my courage.

In fact, at the meeting, if you meet the host and ask: "Is there any better advice?", you must first say: "I have, I will talk about it first." After the lecture, you will say: "My point of view has been elaborated. Finished, I hope everyone will discuss." Because only then, you can come up with your own point of view. If you are robbed by someone else, you will lead the issue to the other direction. If you want to pull it back, it will take a long time to estimate, and you may not even be able to express your point of view.

6, single straight

When speaking at the meeting, don't turn around and say ten sentences. The last two sentences are the real content. The first eight sentences are the opening remarks. This way is not desirable.

There is a lesson. I am attending a conference. I am a moderator. I have a point of view. I have said five or six sentences. I have not yet reached the point. The result was interrupted by the chairman of the meeting on the spot: direct focus. Afterwards, I thought about it. When I was in front of me, the meeting time was very precious. Everyone’s time was very precious. Therefore, we should directly put forward our own opinions and do not make a preparation. Secondly, there are too many opening statements, and it is easy to blur their views. Let others know what they are talking about. Therefore, you can stand up and say: I have a point of view on this activity plan, how.

In addition, for the support you personally want, you also need to go straight, I hope the company supports it. If A is A, and B is B, don't be embarrassed to say it. If you turn around, others don't know if you want A or B. Your allies don't know how to support you.

7, full of protection

Involving the interests of the company, in many cases, some people's interests have increased, and some people's interests have decreased. If you "catch a few others", you will still be schadenfreaked, often planting grievances and unable to reconcile. Therefore, we must find a step for others to protect the whole.

8, when you are ready to receive

There are ten items in one item. If you can get eight copies, you should not chase ten copies. Because, in the minds of many people, you can't be a scorpion - a single one. If you keep chasing ten copies, you will often lose even the eight you have already received. Therefore, if you are good, you will not be able to take it all.

9. Meeting minutes

If you are the chairman of the meeting, you must pay attention to the meeting minutes. Can't be afraid because of trouble. The minutes of these meetings are the company's informal notices, and also (continued to the letter on the Internet page) is effective, involving certain departments, some people, once the meeting minutes are "wanted", will follow the meeting minutes requirements To do things, then the role of the meeting will be reflected, rather than after the meeting, most people feel that the meeting has no effect, then the next meeting will be difficult to organize.

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