Counting down the "three sins" of wrong shoes

[This site - shoes and life] the first sin: the energy buffer effect of shoes is weak

When the sole is too hard or too thin, the ground impact acts directly on the foot, making the foot susceptible to fatigue and strain.

The second sin: the squeezing and friction of shoes on the foot

If the length or width of the shoe is not appropriate, it will cause crushing and friction to the toes, etc., and it will create a bitter situation.

The third sin: Inappropriate shoes make the foot irrational

Heels are too high, such as more than 7 cm, the forefoot weight will increase, up to more than 80% of body weight, causing pain in the forefoot; reasonable heel height is 2-4 cm, then the front and rear foot weight is about 50%, enough The department feels more comfortable.

Looking at the underside of the shoe, draw a line straight from the midpoint of the heel. The area of ​​the sole should be evenly divided so that the force on the inside and outside of the foot is even. Otherwise, one side will experience pain and other problems due to excessive stress.

Therefore, the important points that should be noted when reminding Meimei to buy shoes:

1. Suitable shoes should fit well from the day of purchase. Do not think that if you wear it for more than two days, it will not wear your feet. In the painful running-in process, your feet will get a lot of problems and even become ugly. So far, you can't adapt to any pair of good shoes.

2. The curvature of the depression of the heel and sole must be in line with the foot, and the shin and toe should not touch the shoe. The forefoot must have room for swinging, and the heel must not swing.

3. For every 1 gram of weight added to the shoe, the burden on the foot is equivalent to adding dozens of grams to the back of the person's back. Therefore, choose lightweight shoes as much as possible.

4, the ideal heel height between 2-4 cm, preferably not more than 6 cm.

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