Decline in investment in the jewellery and jade market

Market investment fever has subsided. “In recent years, investment collections have become increasingly hot. A large amount of money has flowed into the market, causing the price of jewellery and jade to keep rising. With Jade, I think that more than 50% of bubbles exist.” For the current market, Tianjin Yushan Meishi Lu Zhuoyou, chairman of Jewelry & Jade Co., Ltd., analyzed this.

With the continuous improvement of living standards, jewelry as a luxury luxury more and more sought after by people. “Since 2009, jade prices have risen sharply. It was not until October last year that there was a substantial turnaround this year.” Wei Zhenhuan, general manager of Tianjin Jewelry Street, said that most companies in the industry currently generate 25% of turnover. To 30% of the decline, some companies even fell more than 50%. The main reason is that it is affected by the current economic downturn and the expected drop in investment income. It is understood that the current major decline in investment demand, while the "rigid demand" such as marriage is still relatively stable.

The reporter learned that despite the apparent decline in sales, prices have not changed significantly. “Last year, many investors entered the jewellery market, and the market price reached a peak. At present, there are price cuts in some varieties, the overall price level has not declined, but there is no market price.” Wei Zhenhuan said that for jewels, it is difficult to define Its reasonable price. In the long run, the scarcity of high-end jewellery and jade prices has gradually increased. At present, it is an opportunity for collectors to take a shot. After all, there is more room for bargaining.

“Comparatively, the Beijing market is more impulsive, and the Tianjin market is more rational. I personally believe that Tianjin is the first choice for development and is more suitable for long-term and stable operations.” Lu Zhuoyou, who has companies in both Beijing and Tianjin, does not cover him up. The preference for Tianjin. He believes that although the Tianjin jewellery market is not as big as Beijing, it has great potential and room for development.

The industry calls for normative development. "Actually, the ups and downs of the jewellery and jade industry are in line with the changes in the economic cycle, or are slightly lagging, and there are also peaks and troughs. The market is two-way and it cannot be maintained forever." Wei Zhenhuan told reporters before In recent years, when the market is bullish, many companies have increased their scale of operations, and many new businesses have emerged. “This led to a dilution of market share and a sharp decline in sales of single counters in a large number of shopping malls. At present, it seems that some weaker small companies and brands have started to withdraw from the market.”

Wei Zhenhuan believes that due to the limited capacity of the industry, relative to other industries, it is more vulnerable to the impact of capital inflows and outflows, and the volatility is also greater. Under the current market pattern, businesses should operate steadily to minimize expansion.

As a company whose business scale ranks in the forefront of this city's jewelery and jade industry, Lu Zhuoyou believes that his own development lies in maintaining a good attitude. When the market goes up well, it should be beneficial to the downstream retail companies and consumers to establish their own brand and reputation. In this way, when the market is relatively low, companies can take their place.

Lu Zhuoyou’s goal is not only that, “At present, the quality of the industry in the industry is uneven, and I hope that the future industry development will be more orderly and orderly. A good external environment will benefit me a lot.” He told reporters that he is currently planning In Tianjin, an Emerald Distribution Center in North China was established. "We hope to bring together more than 300 companies. Tianjin has such an environment and capabilities."

In addition, he believes that “the future prospect of the company lies in the realization of the development of the industrial chain, from the introduction of rough stones to cutting, designing, carving and commerce, and the integration of technology, industry and trade. The integration of good upstream rough resources, master-level design standards, and fine engraving Process and other advantages to achieve long-term sustainable management."

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