Divina brand discount women's green clothing create a woman's beauty

In view of the chaotic management of some apparel chain enterprises in recent years and the fact that this is full of exaggeration and cheap promises, Davina people have to solemnly declare : " Facts " should stand the test of time, declare that they can stand the check, Any commitment is based on the credibility and strength on the basis of the company sincerely welcome all interested colleagues to the company, field trips. A new starting point, a road to success is at your feet, Divine invited to sincerity, and seek common development, inviting you to glory together .


1 , Divina advocate " green apparel "
Di Weina clothing consumer health care, in strict accordance with the "green dress" technical standards, carefully selected Hangzhou ten brand women pollution, the use of newly developed high-tech "nanotechnology" process to ensure that apparel environmentally friendly products for consumers Provide healthy pollution-free apparel products.
2 , the first " private wardrobe consultant, " one of the core strengths of Davina women is the " private wardrobe consultants, " the introduction of the concept of foreign pop into China, in view of the Chinese characteristics, a complete concept of clothing to tell you how Wear is suitable for the occasion, how to wear is different, how to wear only temperament, tasteful. Let every consumer in the clothing color with the division under the guidance of an instant upgrade personal image, and allow consumers to feel the cultural connotation of clothing, and ultimately win-win situation .
3 women naturally beautiful, creating a woman's beauty and happiness, is Davina 's dress and jewelry goals , free dress is the greatest value we give Davina this brand, in the Divina terminal store, so that each one Women into the store to give full play to women love beautiful, like to dress up the characteristics of their own appeal to get a shop, easy to tell myself, show themselves, love their own desire.

4 This initiative combines all the advantages of physical stores in terms of large capacity, intuitive display, on-site instant experience and ease of e-commerce, complete brands and fast information updates to maximize market share. Join Divina can enjoy lucrative !

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