Father's Day to send my father what gift simple handsome POLO shirt striped short-sleeved

We can know the third Sunday in June, is our great father festival? ! He has been shouldering the burden at home, working tirelessly. Maybe he did not know such a festival, but as a child we send a sincere gift, we must be able to make a serious smile on the face of a happy father. Thousands of miles to send goose feathers, light affectionate weight. Also, gifts to dads need not be too expensive. Practical clothes, is your filial piety! Now let's take a look at Fushen's boutique men's wear and give it to Dear Dad. Black and white stripes, simple and elegant style, POLO shirt design, look more formal sense, which also represents the role of father at home is the head of the family. Coupled with a pair of jeans or suit pants, are very wild. In the election style, the fear will not like, then we should choose such a simple style, no matter how to wear are very Man! If you understand my father's mind, like bright colors, not against this choice. Never outdated stripes design, in the dazzling yellow want to combine, make dad look more young and fashionable Oh! Photo source ah; Fushen Men

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