Five Plus2012 Music Discovery Tour - Pyglock Lot's British Dream

Originally he noticed that Pixie Lott was the "cry me out". He didn't know that the singer with black Soul style was actually a young 90-year-old girl. Her voice mixed Kesha and Lady Gaga. The taste of the debut, just a few months, won the title of the best British female singer in the 30th British Music Awards, becoming the most eye-catching newcomer to the British music scene.

“Music is absolutely the first in my life! But I have other broad interests! For all the fresh things I try to explore. Fashion Design is one of the interests.” This cross After the 90th in the world, he said in an interview. Indeed, Pixie Lott Pirie Lott not only entered the music, with its outstanding fashion sense and unique personal temperament, promoted to become a new generation of "It Girl". And also with a certain international fashion brand launched high street series - Pixie Range, the series of clothing are her main design. It can be seen that her charm has spread from the music industry to the fashion industry.

In 2012, the world-famous Xiao Nizi wore a Five Plus black vintage dress and Pandora's fake collar. He appeared in the Five Plus 2012 Music Check In interview. The simple and atmospheric style revealed her cuteness. Playful character. She admitted that her style of clothing is as broad as her interests, Party Look, Europe and the United States simple, sweet and playful, these styles will often appear on her. "There is no style that is absolutely not suitable for you. If you reject a style, you will lose one kind of beauty." Pixie Lott's confident and adventurous fashion concept may give us a little inspiration.

Pigello Lott rehearsals for Beijing in the studio

Pigloo Lote wearing a simple Plus Dress

Five Plus Costumes worn by Piquell Lot

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