Flat bottom comfortable trend spring and summer black and white flat shoes popular

Ben Wang April 29 hearing, "the tall" Victoria - David Beckham (Victoria Beckham) and "Ray Mother" Lady Gaga, both in the fashion world seems to never hit the intersection of parallel lines shoes Saint Laurent! The black and white flats not only succeeded in bringing down two overwhelming fashion queens, but also conquered the trend leader Nicole Richie.

Let's take a long journey together with the arrival of spring! Undoubtedly, the comfortable neutral style flat shoes are the best choice. The unusually popular black and white flats in spring are still dominated by neutral winds, with laces and pointed heads still playing the leading role, highlighting the toughness and able styles, and flat shoes can also get out of the Queen's temperament. This does not, Victoria "high heels queen", Lady Gaga's "killing high heels" are lost to the flat bottom comfort trend. Coupled with Nicole Richie, let's take a look at the three big-name stars who have appeared together to show their flat shoes with a plan.


(Victoria Beckham Victoria Beckham) used a black dress with a “dark” feel and Saint Laurent black and white flats to show the low-key and informal dress attitude of the babes.

Lady Gaga

"Lady" Lady Gaga (Pixie Lott) chose a print with a neutral flat shoes, in her eyes, with no rules.


Nicole Richie used her own temperament to hold the motorcycle jacket. The neutral style black and white flat shoes fit into the handsome style. (Cooperative Media: Shoe-like pictures WOG shoes)

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