From the "dead angle" excavator of online marketing

[China Glass Network] Don't ignore the unremarkable opportunities of online marketing, they may bring new customers to you.

At some point in your life, you will find another area with a hole in the sky after kicking a stumbling block. The same is true in the business world. In today's world, people can use a lot of tools, websites, applications and platforms to develop potential customers, and some unobtrusive opportunities are easily overlooked. Here are some opportunities worth checking out.

Slideshare allows users to upload and share multiple files, including PPTs, eBooks, PDF files, and web conferencing documentaries. Despite the high practical value of the site, it is often underestimated. The site has 60 million visitors per month and 130 million page views. This website is the world's largest professional content sharing community and ranks among the top 200 websites.

In addition, SlideShare is a high-capacity platform that seamlessly integrates with potential customers. The site's LeadShare service requires viewers to fill out a contact information form when downloading a PPT or PDF, and they also encourage viewers to contact the company to get more detailed information. Of course this service is a fee. To use this feature, you must be a premium member with membership fees ranging from $19 to $249 per month.

Product video

Well-made product introduction videos can bring immediate results to sales. According to analyst firm Kissmetrics, among the visitors to the furniture retail site, the final purchases of visitors who watched product videos were 144% higher than those who did not watch product videos.

The key to making a product video is to keep the video short, ideally no more than 30 seconds long. In addition, when implanting merchant contact information, be careful not to arouse the viewer's dislike, but let them think that this is a means to help them further understand the product information. Online directory integration service provider FlipSeek can help you do this effectively. For example, it can make the shoes worn by the models on the page a clickable link and guide the viewer to jump to the product page corresponding to the shoes.

Email signature

It may not be a good idea to add a short character signature with a link after you send out an email, but considering the number of emails you send each day, this is worth a try. For example, add a URL to your nearest blog post in your email signature file, or a newly published e-book or other related file, to develop a potential customer in this way. Technology companies such as WiseStamp provide users with such services, which can automatically add content such as blog posts that users have released to the email.


Browse users to ask questions on LinkedIn and use your expertise to confuse others and wait for opportunities to introduce others to your products or services. But remember, as in most situations in life, integrity is the key. Unless your product or service can really help others solve problems, you can't seduce others to buy your products or services.

Error page

Turn your site's boring pages (even 404 error pages) into potential customer development opportunities.

The website designed their error page ( into a very interesting page. On this page, a developer who looks like a nerd said to the visitor: "This page is temporarily unavailable. But Justin is free now. Justin is a developer of Mint, who likes to drive unhappy cars, sharp crayons. Reheated pizza, and awkward silence.” This page directs viewers to other pages on “If you are interested in personal finance, take a look at the following page!”


This social media newborn is worth a look, and it can be used as a tool for potential customer development in a way that generates traffic. The number of visitors to this photo sharing community surged to 11 million in the second half of 2011. Users post pictures of various branded products on their albums, which in turn attract a large number of other users and increase the number of visits to their own websites.

What is more critical for an enterprise to develop a potential customer? Try replacing the product description with a picture, information icon, video, and article. Our company's page function ( not only provides users with marketing advertising services, but also shows marketing failure cases, as well as various icons and analysis data. In addition, you can also provide a "candidate board" for your inspiration.

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