Fruit brand children's clothing upcoming grand 2012CBME

From July 18 to July 20, 2012, Lisong Children's Wear is about to attend the 12th CBME Pregnancy Show (2012CBME) staged at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Professionals are welcome to visit W2B01 / W2C01. Force fruit children's clothing from China, Italy and Russia, the three major fashion design team, whether it is color, style design or the use of fabrics are focused on children's dreams, playful and this particular group of people's physical, habits organically combined; function Equal with the fashion, highlighting the color of children's clothing and meet the physiological needs of children's human design. Teachers naturally, outlines the style of fashion children. Fruit to children aged 6 to 15 mainly fashion, advocate "fashion, personality, elegance, colorful, healthy" concept of children's clothing. Products "green, environmental protection," comfortable to wear, design and grasp the international fashion information, color and emphasize the popular and collocation, guide China and Europe and the United States children's fashion trend model.

Compact Spinning Cotton Yarn has higher tenacity, higher elongation at break, smaller mass irregularity measured at short segments, a significantly smaller number of faults such as thin & thick places and neps, a higher degree of elasticity, and significantly lower hairiness. 

The yarn structure with lowered twist allows both better dye sorption and lower dye consumption to be obtained.

It is the perfect choice for high grade textiles. 

Compact Spinning Cotton Yarn

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