Golden Fruit Apparel Ruohao Brand Summer 2010 New Product Launch Invitation

Dear Ms.\Mr.Guangzhou Golden Fruit Garments Co., Ltd. will hold the 2010 “Yinhao RED HOUSE” brand new product launch conference and investment invitation conference in 2010 at the headquarters of the company. You are cordially invited to join, direct, and place orders.
This ordering conference will fully promote the brand of “Rose House” of the Golden Fruit Apparel. At the same time, it will also provide a good opportunity for parties and franchisees across the country to meet and exchange. We sincerely hope that your Excellency will participate in this book. The sub-ordering meeting, all members of the Golden Fruit Clothing Company will be waiting for you!
Date of registration: March 03, 2010
Order date: March 04, 2010
Company's head office: 020-61926335, 61930175 Turn to the franchise department 8015
company website:
Choose transportation: â–¡aircraft â–¡train â–¡car â–¡other ;
(1). If you choose to train, we sincerely recommend choosing to Guangzhou Railway Station.
(2). If you choose to fly, we sincerely recommend choosing Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport.
5, travel routes:
(1). Guangzhou Railway Station to the company:
Subway: 50 meters from the station Take the subway line No. 2 to Kecun. Take the subway line No. 3. Get off at Dashi Station and exit at Exit A. Take Bus No. 8 (Dashi-Nancun Line, fare is RMB 2) to Tangxi. Get off at the intersection and the Yiyuan Hotel is right in front of the station.
(2). Guangzhou International Baiyun Airport:
Take Exit No. 8 at the domestic gate and take No. 7 Line A (Airport Express from Baiyun Airport to Panyu) to Panyu Lijiang Pearl Station.

Golden fruit apparel company Ruohao brand
Summer 2010 (2) New Product Introduction
Leading Words: The economy is rampant, and fashion has become stronger. The pendulum of the trend points to the diversity of the times. In the spring and summer of 2010, the concept of elegance and exaggeration was revealed. Between the reality and the fantasy, it became a mature woman and non-mainstream woman. The perfect transition of the girlhood.
主题 Theme 1: The era of avant-garde romantic liberalization has enabled us to fulfill our desire to collaborate with our hearts. The boundary between day and night is no longer clear. Those things that used to belong to the night are now stamped with daylight. Post-modern liberalism makes people remember the past while collage a new style of women.
面料 Fabric and color description:
(a) The fabrics are mainly glossy, transparent, light and flowing fabrics, fine cotton fabrics, intertwined cotton, silk, silk, printing, etc. Transparent coating, gradient effect weaving, superimposed effect, round Dot patterns, flower patterns, etc.
(b) The color is mainly green, and the neutral tone and lively orange are deployed to inject vitality into the overall tone.
主题 Theme II: Futuristic charm embodies a low-key luxury style inspired by the natural spirit of the city, in the summer, a dazzling fashion world, eager to feel a pure but unruly rapids, so hidden in the depths of the city The natural aesthetic spirit was revived, and the smell of fat powder floating over the city gradually disappeared.
面料 Fabric and color description:
(a) Face material is affected by the trend of the popular transparent fabrics this season. Chiffon fabrics have become popular. We can see its impact on almost every single product. Chiffon material dresses are more common.
(b) The colors are mainly white and malachite blue, and the middle colors and purple are used as the colors.