Good News Bird Men Wenzhou Jiale Square store image grand opening

In recent years, local menswear brands appear to be very quiet. With the shift of their center of gravity, they have expanded overseas and have not had much practical action on the local markets that once grew up. As a result, many consumers gradually forget these men's brands. But recently, the good news birds suddenly with a number of major international flagship store in Wenzhou Jiale Plaza, rented its first floor, third floor, an area of ​​nearly 2,200 square meters floor area, next to the CK, out of its latest big store image. Reporters in front of Wenzhou City, South Gate Jiale Plaza saw, the good news of the opening of the new store advertising has hung in the entrance of the prominent position, the decoration is also underway. It is understood that the two stores on the first and second floor will be opened by the end of November, the largest third floor store for the opening in December. By then, the good news bird's flag, including the classic, cutting-edge, sports, women's, leather and Other eight series, will be the latest products and appearances debut. For this and Wenzhou Jiale Plaza "sudden" cooperation, the hippogriff mall business manager Xia Cao Tong felt fate. He said that in fact this is not a sudden move. Good News Bird has always wanted to find the right store in the South area to open a large store image, which is the brand in recent years to upgrade the grade and misplaced business positioning needs. The reason why Jiale Plaza was chosen is because it is not a traditional department store. Its centralized CK, CKJEANS, Tommyhilfiger and other big flagship stores are in line with the big bird shop of Good News Bird. Second, the brand's style, customer base and good news bird brand positioning is also very consistent. The good news bird in recent years increasingly sophisticated brand image and complete product line can also complete the Jiale Plaza brand portfolio. This cooperation is a win-win for both the brand and the advertising effect. Officials from Wenzhou Jiale Plaza said that the cooperation between the good news bird and Jiale Plaza is not only a complementary business form but also a return benefit. The good news bird rental mall nearly half the area of ​​the store, to some extent ease the pressure on the rent of shopping malls. In addition, due to the hardware structure of shopping malls, relatively lacking in human traffic on the third floor, the good news bird won the entire third floor will also be equipped with direct elevators, which will drive the entire shopping mall's traffic flow route is also of great help. For this time in Wenzhou Jiale Plaza opened a large store, summer exercise said that this is just a beginning rather than the end. He disclosed that the good news bird will also open five large stores in Wenzhou next year with an area of ​​more than 500 square meters. As a local menswear brand, these stores will be an important symbol of the good news that Birdzan will regain its home market after years of expansion.

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