Han Lyle couple home service to enjoy the joy of leisure time

More and more couples like to wear lovers out when going out, wearing home clothes at home, because that can show their love, to witness their love. Especially the couple home service, it has a relaxed atmosphere more likely to narrow the distance between lovers to enhance the feelings of both. So where couples home service sold? That brand will be better? Xiao Bian personally feel that couples home service selected Han Cheryl on the very good.

Water is often used as a metaphor for women, because women have gentle, delicate features; men, men often use metaphor of powerful masculine things, such as majestic mountains, tall trees and the like. This shows that there is a difference between the two sexes in terms of beauty and physiology. So couple home service can distinguish between the differences between the sexes, but also to find the common ground between the two sides, pull it in, fusion convergence, it will be able to wipe out a different kind of sparks. Han Lier couple home service, take full account of the aesthetic needs of both sexes, careful and thoughtful.


In terms of style, Cheryl's couple's home service combines the characteristics that both men and women will be attracted by beautiful things, and fully absorbs the elements popular in the market today, and integrates with a cute cartoon avatar or a delicate and fashionable flower pattern that reflects a warm home life Remitted to the home service. For the feminine temperament, in color, using sweet and lovely pink tone to reflect the lovely and lovely women, using bright colors set off the lively vitality of women. The men, in order to reflect their masculinity, will use different gray, blue, white and other colors, in order to highlight the men's fashion, like plaid fabric, printed fabrics will be the corresponding application.

Han Lier couple home service, exudes a touch of warm home atmosphere. Carefree color, is conducive to lovers release during the day due to work tension, but also conducive to the harmonious coexistence of both home life; bright and beautiful colors, lovers wearing the weekend, you can enjoy the joy of leisure time. Buy a couple home service, come to Korea Lier it!

韩丽尔情侣家居服 尽享休闲时光的欢乐

Multifunctional fabrics are fabrics with flame retardant and other functions, such as anti-static fabric, anti-acid fabric, Water Oil Repellent Fabric, insect Repellent Fabric, Anti-Uv Fabric etc. These fabrics are mainly used to produce overalls. Different working environments require different functions of work clothes to protect workers from injury. Therefore, we have developed a variety of fabrics to meet the needs of more customers.
Advantages of Multifunctional fabrics:
Better protection than flame retardant fabrics
Adapt to the needs of various industries
Can customize functions according to customer requirements
Packing and shipping:
We use 5mm thickness, 5.5cm inner diameter for professional export of thick paper tubes and customized packaging bags for customers to ensure that customers receive intact finished fabrics.
Xinke Protective multifunctional fabrics widely used in construction, shipyard, welding, oil, gas and offshore industries etc.
Quality is our culture, with us your money in safe your business in safe!
Q : Whats the classification of Flame Retardant Fabric?
A :  --Disposable FR fabrics
      --Chemical treated FR fabrics
      --Inherently FR fabrics

Q : What is the difference between fire retardant and fire resistance?
A: A fire retardant material slows burning across the surface of a combustible substrate. A fire resistive material delays heat penetration through a substrate.
Q: How to ensure your product quality?
A: Xinke protective has wholesome and updated test facilities, Test center has picture and more details. And we can provide the certificates you need.
Q: How to ensure your the delivery time?
A: We have advanced and environmental production line with experienced workers to ensure product delivery time between 20-30 day. And we have running protective fabrics only need 15-20 days. For
example, 330g cotton fr fabric and 7oz cotton nylon fr fabric.

Q:Whats the difference between Inherent Flame Resistance and Treatments?
A:Inherently flame resistant fibers contain an essential characteristic that protects the wearer from an ignition source.Treatments or treated fibers have an applied chemical treatment that changes the original level of flame resistance.Flame resistant garments are generally made from either flame resistant materials such as those made from aramid fibers, melamine fibers, or those treated with flame resistant "FR" treatments such as Ammonia or Heat Cure . FR treatments can Wash Out over time, shorting thelife of the garment.

Q:How do normal fabrics react to ignition?
A:Normal fabrics and garments will burn away from the point of ignition with an increasing rate of flame spread and continue to burn after removal of the ignition source. Normal fabrics will continue to burn until they are extinguished or all flammable material is consumed.
Q:What is the best FR fiber or fabric?
A:There is no perfect flame-resistant fabric system that meets all needs. Each FR fiber or treated fabric has certain properties that, depending on end use requirements,can be either benefits or shortcomings. Blending different fibers attempts to balance these properties for maximum fabric performance.
Q:Is 100% cotton flame resistant?
A:No. In most cases, 100% cotton is flammable. It can ignite and continue to burn after being exposed to an ignition source. Many people understand the burning and melting hazards of nylon and polyester fabrics, but fail to recognize the danger of wearing 100% cotton when exposed to an ignition source. However, cotton can be a good fabric to wear underneath proper FR clothing.
Q:Should I specify the strictest code for all my fabrics, to be safe?
A:No. If you "over specify" by requesting a standard that is higher than necessary, you may end up over treating your fabrics and that can cause problems. Specify only the code that is required.
Q:What about certificates?
A:We issue certificates for all flame retarded fabrics. When you require the fabric to meet a specific fire code, a certificate of flame retardancy is need. Be sure that the certificate you receive actually states specified code. In reality, the certificate maybe just pass a test on another fabric. It is important that you build a relationship and trust your fabric finisher.
Q:Does Xinke charge for testing sample materials?
A:Our internal test are free, we can provide free reports at any time. If a client requires testing by a certified laboratory, Xinke could arrange the testing with a reasonable fee.
Q:How long does testing take?
A:If a client requires our internal test reports, we can provide on the day we receive your sample. If a client requires testing by a certified laboratory, we can give you the reply case by case.
Q:Do you have "Stocked fabric"?
A:yes,we do. We can guarantee that the inventory of conventional
fabrics, in order to shorten the delivery, to provide you with a
better service.

Muti-Functional Fabric

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