High Family Paternity show family "love" and "beauty"

The elite family is Taiwan Tai Boyan fashion parent-child brand, the company was established 25 years ago. The main push is less Shu loaded, parent-child equipment, family packs, while continuing to promote family "love" and "beautiful" ideal of situational life, extending the development of lovers, sisters installed, people innermost desire and dream of their loved ones, Converted into human clothing, fashion has become a unique international fashion coordinates. High-level family paternity brand, design unique, fashionable style, craft exquisite, bright colors lively, very attractive in the market. Taiwan's Bo Tai Yang international business enterprise fashion career, relying on a keen market vision, groundbreaking investment in the brand of parent-child marketing area. High Family Paternity Show family "love" and "beautiful" high family paternity is a new human parent-child combination, the clothing in the models emphasize the asymmetric shape, contrast combination; color emphasis on jumping, contrast and bold Combination; simple and elegant style is extremely elegant, romantic; both the mother dressed up and dressed up the baby, this paternity image mode by many young mothers welcome. The family's "love" and "beauty", a showcase of the family with children and grandchildren, are the most important expressions of this brand as they are looped together with cartoon characters or animal figures. Highlight the beauty of the classic extravagance, a large number of meticulous lace, touching flower prints, gracing the crepe decorated embellished with extremely feminine grace and childlike lively and lovely, so the mother and child (mother and daughter) appear colorful. Daughter of the family home show "love" and "beautiful" high family has a multi-family family experience clothing line-DIVERSITY. At the same time, it extends the ideal of situational life of "love" and "beautifulness" of the family and extends the development of lovers 'and sisters' garments to transform people's inner desire and dream into their humanity's clothes and become unique in international fashion Fashion coordinates.

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UHMWPE Braided Rope

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