Home textile dealers give profits to whom?

Once a dealer had asked such a question, he said: “We all know that the degree of damage caused by discounts is quite large. Now that discount sales are no longer the best way to improve performance, there is no way to achieve it. In the case of an optional case, the last thing to do, then, for a store, there is always a time when it is necessary to make a profit. If so, who do we want to profit?”

This is a very sensitive issue. The author believes that if it is necessary to profit, then the profits will be given to their employees. Before explaining the reasons, we first discuss such a problem: If the merchant only sells 800 yuan, the price will be 800 yuan and the retail price will be 1,000 yuan. The customer will not think that the merchant does not make money. This is due to the buying and selling relationship and the customer's Consumer psychology determined. However, if profits are given to employees, they will be very clear about themselves and will sell products to customers for additional income. Therefore, it is not difficult to answer the questions just mentioned, and it is not difficult to explain why we want to give profits to employees.

However, this method has certain limitations. First of all, Rangli products are not suitable for low-priced products. It should be positioned at the high end, and it should be a small part of high-priced products. It should be suitable for the off-season in the season and it should not be done frequently. This is mainly due to the fact that for high-end products, businesses can still obtain most of the profits after leaving part of the profits, and let out only a small part of them; the reason for choosing a small part is because too many employees will be promoted. When there is nowhere to go, there is no focus, and all products are sold to customers. You can imagine the customer's psychology and reaction. In the off-season, you can improve the sales and performance in the off-season in the off-season. Second, you can increase the enthusiasm of shopping guides.

Therefore, when it is necessary to make profits, businesses should first give profits to shopping guides. When Yuli shopping guides cannot be used to solve sales problems, they should consider giving profits to consumers.


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