How black and white plaid pants with a white shirt T shirt with what pants

When we were still living a carefree life, worry about food and clothing we always feel that children did not grow up well, but when we grow up, or will feel better childhood, Classic black and white style is absolutely good-looking style, take a look at how to match. Black and white checked pants classic plaid pants, of course, coupled with the most classic white T-shirt, this plaid pants with a white main color T-shirt style, classic black and white with the overall is very good-looking, there is such a summer With a very handsome. The same plaid pants, coupled with a different T-shirt, different colors embellishment also has different visual effects, such as each with a unique place for their own, although only the T-shirt is not absolutely very dazzling, white T Shirt, sapphire wrap, a United States flag embellishment does not seem very monotonous.

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