How far is the show to market?

Shows and Markets Overview of the foreign fashion week shows are often the direction of the market, from the show to the market is a road of two sites, show is the initial station, the market is the terminal. Every time they see the fast fashion brands taking inspiration from the show, they will be transformed into products in the market at the first time, which will result in high sales of fast fashion brands. Because of this, each of the five major fashion capitals in Paris, Milan, New York, London, and Tokyo each year publishes the spring, summer and fall/winter fashion trends that attract the attention of the world. The CEOs and designers of clothing companies often visit the field, and often spend a lot of money to buy back a lot of popular consulting materials.

After all, how do these elements of the show floor fall and how do brands get fashion trends from the show floor? What kind of situation is China International Fashion Week? We also interviewed some brands and professionals.

When asked whether many brands of catwalks on the China International Fashion Week stage are many aspects of corporate promotion, or whether the brand has more products for the market, Cao Shengkui, the chairman of the well-known children's wear brand Shui Haier, said: “Now Chinese brands In the Fashion Week show show, focusing on the brand promotion level more.Now China International Fashion Week has gradually made the brand from the platform, in the industry have a good influence and reputation outside the industry, the brand debut in the fashion week It is also a good opportunity to show the brand style to the inside and outside of the industry. Stylization, exaggeration, and artistry are more intense than those for the market.”

The person in charge of the Nochi brand also holds a similar view: “The companies that went on the catwalk during the fashion week mostly released the trend of the next quarter. Most of the shows were conceptual designs. We think that the chief purpose of the catwalk on Fashion Week is through fashion. This big platform for the week to promote the brand, the proportion of goods made for the market is relatively small."

Nowadays, online brands are gradually becoming an integral part of apparel brands. Online brands also have their own perspectives on the traditional brand's catwalk behavior. The online children’s clothing brand green box merchandiser said: “We think The catwalk at Fashion Week does not rule out that some brands will customize a batch of clothes for the fashion show. However, we feel that truly good brands should be able to achieve consistent or basically the same with large goods, especially for children's clothing brands. To ensure product quality and design standards, these two points are equally important for the show and the market."

As for how the elements on the show floor are implemented into the market, Cao Shengkui believes that the conversion of show clothing into products will undergo a correction. Because life is not a catwalk, consumers need clothing that suits their own scene. Both aesthetics and comfort, the most important thing is to integrate with the environment and adapt to others' psychological acceptance of the wearer. It is important to grasp the scale between unique personal style and public acceptance.

Noch related responsible person also believes that the concept design on the show field represents a popular trend. In order to integrate with the market, it needs to be combined with the actual needs of today's consumers, so it is necessary to design details such as colors, fabrics, and styles. In line with brand positioning, but also in line with popular trends and market demand.

From this point of view, Chinese brands have had a lot of thinking about the landing floor elements.

The person in charge of the online brand green box product said: “It still stems from different needs. The show field is a rather special environment. Lights, stage, models, effects, etc. are superimposed, and there will be a slight demand for clothing and everyday wear. Different, but Green Box thinks that designers can use the different costumes, accessories selection, model makeup, etc., to make the same goods suitable for the stage but also suitable for life.However, in the field of children's wear brand, such differences will be relatively small After all, the green box is to help children find themselves, not change them."

For the current status of the catwalk show in domestic fashion week, we also interviewed Yao Xiaoyun, a well-known buyer expert. The buyer is an important guest on foreign shows. Although this has not become the norm in the domestic fashion week, buyers’ views on the show are also of special concern to us. Yao Xiaoyun looked at the catwalk show at the domestic show: “Often the company will do two batches of styles. The designer will develop a batch of prototypes for the market sales, and then develop another batch of prototypes for the catwalk. This may be in addition to both. There is not much substantive conversion in compliance with the brand style. There may be a few elements of the catwalk style will be applied to the market style, but in most cases, the two are not relevant. Therefore, we can In this way, most of the catwalks in the domestic fashion week are on the promotion level of the company and are for shows.

As a result of product planning and creativity, how should companies' products in the market be born? In recent years, the focus on design management and product planning has become the key to the continuous improvement of brand enterprises and market sales.

In the interview, all brands expressed their unanimous recognition and emphasis on product planning. Cao Shengkui said: "The design of Shui Xieer is to design and redesign the commodities every year. During the planning process, it will also analyze the sales data of the past. After analyzing the sku, the sold-out rate and the product life cycle, adjust the water. The product structure of Baek's new season product, but the new product development of Shui Haier is under the control of the brand style, and it can be played and changed freely.We will learn from the annual fashion trends, but in the overall new product composition, the popularity and The proportion of products with a high degree of fashion does not exceed 30%, and the subject is still a continuation of the classic style."

According to the relevant person in charge of Nochi, Noki's advanced member database marketing model provides good conditions for product planning. Each season, Pre-Season will analyze the membership structure and consumer behavior, summarize and categorize it, and then divide it into the needs of a number of market segments, combined with the buyer team's analysis of the competitive brand market, forecast of fashion trends, and display of terminal products. Planning and other information, submit a complete "Member goods demand analysis report" for the company's product planning department. The product planning department used this as a basis to combine the information collected by popular information collection centers in Milan, London, Paris, and Tokyo, and then to design the quarterly product plan.

There is no difference in the importance of product planning online and offline. The head of the green box product says: "Product planning is very important for the green box. Clothing design is not the designer's individual brain-creation idea, but perceptual and rational. The integration and reengineering of the brand must be based on the market feedback of the previous year or last season, the latest fashion trends, etc., to design products suitable for the season."

Although rational planning is very important, creativity is indispensable for the uniqueness of a brand in the market. Designers as emotional people, how to combine creativity and the market well, this is a problem that each brand must solve, and the quality of the brand solution also determines the brand's performance in the market and in the minds of consumers.

"Shui Haier has always believed that the designer's creative power can't be erased. But a really good designer is able to go deep into the taste of consumer life. He can understand the inner needs of consumers, so his design Even if it is to lead the trend, it is the same as selling and selling. The designer of water babe has its own space to play, but this play is the freedom under the framework of the brand style. Shui Baer's designers often go to the first-line market to experience The sales process will also go to the fashion capitals both at home and abroad to experience the lifestyle of the trend, combining its many years of design experience with the purpose of social hotspots, leading half a pace to mainstream fashion, but losing its personality and losing the market. It is not too much to follow the consumers and lose their originality,” said Chairman Cao Shengkui.

The person in charge of the green box thinks that the Chinese market is very large. The Chinese children's wear market is considered to have 7 billion cakes waiting for the brands to share. So Green Box believes that as long as it has its own characteristics and creativity, and makes products with heart, it will certainly have a market. The design concept that the Green Box has always insisted on is that it does not want to please consumers, but insists on its own characteristics. The Green Box believes that the brand has its own position and characteristics, so that consumers can think of the brand to have a very distinctive and distinctive impression, such a product will certainly have a market, so the designer's creativity, and Product market sales, this is not in itself contradictory.

As a buyer expert, Yao Xiaoyun believes that product planning is indeed indispensable for brand enterprises. She said: “Of course, the more scientific method is to propose product planning based on the objective market demand, and then carry out targeted development and design. The product design of market-oriented clothing brands is not an artistic creation. Product planning plays a role in grasping the structure of the style and category of goods as a whole, and even makes targeted plans for shipping in different seasons and regions. This is from the perspective of commercial operations. "Combine product development." While talking about how the designer's creativity and marketization of the product should be coordinated, how to mobilize the designer's creativity and let the product meet market sales, Yao Xiaoyun thinks this involves design management. The scope of design management is mainly reflected in two aspects. From the management process, it should be initiated by the director of design or product director, through the collection of market information, sales data analysis, consumer research and a series of steps, so that designers continue to learn the market, learn customers, through the sales in the development process Personnel participate in the process of selecting and modifying several samples to make the product more in line with the needs of the market. From the management tool, the company can effectively transform the original power of the designer into a market value through such specific tools as product planning. The goods, thus avoiding the designer to play instability, or excessive personalization and other risks.

Trends and styles come and go, and only the style is forever.

As a brand wants to leave a deep impression in the eyes of consumers, brand style is the key. Nowadays, brands also pay special attention to their own style. Cao Shengkui, chairman of Shui Haier, said: “The style of a brand is an overall concept. It is embodied in apparel design, brand VI, marketing techniques, and promotion strategies. It is like a person’s style is reflected through clothing, accessories, make-up, conversation, hobbies, learning and even friends and family.If the style is narrowly defined from the perspective of fashion design, the style of the brand is also an overall style of grasp, not only It is only the design of the concept section, the concept section, or the seasonal fashion factor, is closely linked with the actual effect, while the brand style is a continuation of temperament, but the seasonal fashion and the brand style are not irrelevant. Embodying a brand's attention to consumers, it has pioneered a yearning in the depths of consumers' hearts.If the brand style is the sea, the seasonal prevalence is the spray, the sea without waves is not attractive, and the waves are constantly changing. The ocean is again insecure."

Yao Xiaoyun explained the style with a buyer’s perspective: “The trend is alternating, the style is forever”, and it is an incisive summary of a brand's strategy for grasping fashion and its own style. One style of product is popular for the season. To have a reasonable ratio, the products of this trend each season should be constantly updated.The grasp of style can be through the refurbishment of classic styles, or through the continuation of the design of classic elements. Tell the customer what the brand insists on."

Although the development of Chinese clothing brands has not had the history of international big names so far, they have been following the pace of international brands in the overall sense. Perhaps we can expect that we will eventually surpass the day of becoming an international brand.

How the clothing in the end show how some people say that fashion is a distinction between blood and regions. For designers from the fashion capital, what is the relationship between the show and the product? In this regard, we interviewed Debona Zimbatadi, the chief designer of the “Masterpiece” brand from Schlumberger in Milan.

Reporter: Do you think that many brands' catwalks in the fashion week are more than promotion of corporate promotion, or are the brands doing more for the market?

Bona Simpadi: Both levels of promotion and marketing are covered. The series of works displayed in the catwalk shows more exaggerated and richly designed elements in order to create an impressive image for the brand, but there are also a large number of simple styles that are more suitable for consumers to wear. .

Reporter: What happens when the clothes on the show floor are transformed into branded products? Why is there such a change?

Bona Simbardi: There will be differences between products on the show market and the products on the market. The clothes selected in the catwalk show are designed or classic models. The catwalk models are generally tall and thin in order to highlight the feeling of clothing. The products sold by the stores must assist in making some modifications to suit the public's body. Some exaggerated styles are designed to meet the consumer needs of certain groups of people, but the proportion will be very low.

Reporter: Does Mr. Shulang propose commodity planning before carrying out design every year? Will the analysis of past sales data be performed during the product planning process?

Bona Simbardi: To do planning and then design, in the planning process will also do data analysis, the annual product on the basis of maintaining the usual style, and positioning according to the brand's customer base, combined with the year Trends to properly adjust the plan and make appropriate adjustments.

Reporter: How do you think that the creativity of designers and the marketization of commodities should be coordinated? How should a good brand mobilize the creativity of a designer and let a product conform to market sales?

Bona Simbardi: If you take care of the market-oriented operation of your products, you must understand the style of your own brand and the style that your customers want. You need to think in terms of the customer base to understand which customer group is in the market. The type, and then into the works that they have designed, this requires a process of coordination and understanding. After understanding and feelings of the designer and the brand style and customer groups, it is then drawn and made to the finished product. Can better meet the needs of the market.

Reporter: How do you think the style of a brand is expressed? Is it through the concept of the design or the overall style of grasp, or other factors?

Bona Zimbati: The style of the brand should be based on the company's brand image. If it is designed according to style, there will be some unique clothes. On the whole, it still depends on the lifestyle that the brand wants to pursue. What kind of ideal state does it want to achieve? What kind of customer group is it? Targeted at the domestic market or the European market or other, each market The human body is different in shape, not the same concept, different preferences, market positioning and brand positioning is what, around these factors, the brand to be specially designed to highlight the brand is not the same place, the integration of the essence of connotation, to express the brand style.

The brand represents a kind of cultural symbol. There will be a continuation of things to inherit and develop. It will not change 360 ​​degrees with the products of the previous year, nor will it completely change the style to meet the fashion trend of the season.

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