How should telemarketers improve their communication skills?

[China Glass Network] Description: How should telesales personnel improve their telephone communication skills? The telephone communication ability is not up to standard and directly determines the fate of telemarketers. Therefore, it is necessary for professional telemarketers to improve their working ability. So, how should telemarketers improve their communication skills?

Communication is needed between people, and good communication is the prerequisite for achieving goals. Communication with strangers is difficult, especially when you communicate with strangers with a certain utilitarian purpose. Telemarketing is like this!

Use telephone communication to pay attention to:

(1) Appropriate

─ After dialing the customer's phone number, if no one answers, please discharge the call in time. Maybe your customer is answering another call, or the customer is not convenient to answer now. If your phone ringing is stubbornly ringing, it will increase. Customer's dislike.

─ Between the previous contact with the customer should not be too intimate and casual, the time is not too long, usually just a greeting, telling the other person who you are enough.

─ Don’t let customers feel that you are selling on the previous phone call. Don't even talk about anything about the bank except for self-introduction.

─ If you want to meet the other party, it is better to mention it on the second call. You can politely ask the other party when it is free, if it is convenient, whether it can be about afternoon tea (or other light items).

Telephone contact is a better way to communicate with customers before, which can make the customer feel the real existence of the account manager, and avoid the embarrassment caused by the customer's rejection of communication.

(2) Clear expression

─ On the phone, self-introduction or presentation must be short and clear, highlighting the main issues. Let the other party understand your words very easily in a short time. Most of the effective clients are versatile, and when they are cherished, they have a choice of external things, and this choice is often judged by their intuition in a very short time. If you are dragging the water and expressing it unclear, it will give the other party a feeling of unreasonable thinking. They will psychologically produce rejection and will bring obstacles to further communication.

─ ─ Before picking up the phone to dial, develop a habit of simply sorting out the thinking, what to say, how to say, to be aware of what is in mind.

(3) Mentality

When making a previous call with a customer, you must be fully psychologically prepared. From the perspective of making friends with your customers, you should maintain a calm state of mind, taking into account that the other party may respond positively, and also consider the possibility of the other party's indifference. This kind of good attitude will be revealed in your language and tone. Although you will not meet, the other party will feel your confidence and calmness, thus leaving a good impression.

Telemarketers need to pay attention to the above issues! I hope this article can help you! If you want to know more about telemarketing, please continue to pay attention to the marketing channel of the world factory network channel, more marketing knowledge In the world factory network school channel channel marketing section!

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