How to maintain the black pearl of Tahitian?

The previous small series introduced the value of the Black Pearl of Tahitian. We know the precious value of the black pearl of Tahitian. So the following small series for friends to briefly introduce how to maintain the black pearl of Tahitian. Let us now go down and learn!


Tahitian black pearl maintenance method:

1. Acid-proof erosion: In order to prevent the pearl's luster and color from being affected, the pearl should be protected from acid, alkali and chemicals, such as perfume, soap, and shaped water. Do not wear pearl jewelry to swim or bathe. So please wear your lovely pearls after makeup.

2, away from the kitchen: the surface of the pearl has tiny pores, so it is not appropriate to let it inhale the dirty substances in the air. Pearls absorb hairspray, perfume and other substances. So don't wear beautiful pearls to send hair, be careful in the kitchen. Don't wear beautiful pearls to cook, steam and soot may penetrate into the pearls, making it yellow.

3, cashmere cloth wait: every time you wear pearls (especially on hot days) must be cleaned after the pearls are put away, you can keep the pearl luster. It is best to use sheepskin or delicate flannel, do not use facial tissue, because some rubbing of the paper will wear the pearl.

4, not near the water: Do not use water to clean the pearl necklace. Water can enter the pores of the beads, which is not only difficult to dry, but may also ferment the inside, and the beads may turn green. If you sweat a lot when you wear it, use a soft wet towel to wipe it off carefully, then dry it and put it back in the jewelry box. After the pearl turns yellow, it can be remedy: soaking in dilute hydrochloric acid can dissolve the yellowish outer shell, so that the pearl can reproduce the brilliant and radiant color. However, if the color turns yellow, it is difficult to reverse.


The four simple Tahitian black pearl maintenance methods described above are all written around the common problems in life, so friends should carefully understand! For more exciting information, please pay attention to China Jewelry Merchants Network!

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