How to store underwear properly how to keep underwear

Summer heat block, frequently sweating, most of the sweat and evaporation on the surface of the overflow, most of which are absorbed by personal underwear , in order to good health and comfort, how to choose women, care and maintenance of good underwear it ?


We all have this experience, from the beginning of physical development, the mother taught us how to buy their own underwear shape appropriate to tell us the main points of cleaning and drying, but only how to maintain underwear is rarely mentioned storage!

内衣如何正确存放 内衣怎么保存好

Underwear is a woman's closest partner, and the perfect figure with bras and underwear, can avoid weaknesses, to bring women's endless confidence. Compared to the coat jacket, skin contact with the direct contact with the personal care clothing to be more sophisticated.

内衣如何正确存放 内衣怎么保存好

Women in the maintenance of underwear easy to enter the two errors, one bra unnaturally placed, one cup into another cup; the second is that only women need underwear storage box, men's underwear casually drawer on the line. These are the wrong ways and concepts. Although each woman's bra bra cup though the same, but the thickness is different, the scientific approach is to follow the bra from thin to thick from the outside to the inside, cup to "natural state", that wear on the body form: two cups Parallel to the upright, shoulder strap into the cup inside; underwear in the stack to protect the crotch, crotch on the first fold, then left and right fold the two sides, into the underwear storage box.

内衣如何正确存放 内衣怎么保存好

Underwear proper storage and maintenance, not only for women is important, but also indispensable to men. Male underwear should be cleaned separately, should be dry in the shade, and then placed in the sun drying. Otherwise, underwear is easy to make hard, deformation. Similarly, men's underwear need special underwear storage box storage.

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