How to wear cotton and linen fabrics early autumn loaded with early fall

More comfortable to wear on the body, perhaps only be able to interpret the fashion more extreme. In the autumn of 2015, MYSCISSORS Greek women's wear for everyone recommended new clothes. Cotton fabric to wear on the body will be very skin-friendly, but also to give you a weak Sen woman wind Oh.


Cotton and linen worn on the body, there will be an inexplicable sense of fashion to attract you. The white shirt with a seven feet pants and a pair of more personalized shoes, the overall feeling very good. Autumn temperature is not stable, with a long shirt with the outside, will make you very warm Oh. If you want more accessories, this scarf, but try.

棉麻早秋装怎么穿  棉麻面料早秋装搭配

As within the ride, the more selective. This sleeveless shirt, loose version, wearing the body without the slightest sense of restraint. Small split skirt with this coat, then with a long coat on the outside, presumably also excellent.

Uniform Fabric

Uniform fabrics are specially designed for the needs of workers.It can effectively clean, prevent pollution, protect the body from mechanical injury and harmful chemicals, thermal radiation burns, including protection, washing resistance, fungus and mildew resistance, chemical resistance, heat resistance and so on.The composition usually is 100% cotton,100% polyester,cotton/polyester blended,cotton/polyamide blended.

Uniform Fabric,Army Uniform Fabric,Workwear Fabric,Combat Uniform Fabric

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