Huadu Shiling Leather Workers Mentality Survey

In recent years, the form of employment in Guangzhou has become increasingly confusing. Since the fourth quarter of 2011, "employment difficulties" has basically become a common consensus. Feedback from the human and social departments and enterprises shows that the demand for employment has not decreased, and the total number of migrant workers has dropped without a doubt. This year it will open. Since the year, this situation has become more apparent. Even if the government departments still refuse to change their mouths to accept the “labor shortage,” but in addition to the so-called structural contradictions that have existed, the contradiction between supply and demand has now become prominent, even affecting Guangzhou’s urban development, social life, and industrial upgrading and transformation.

We have been following this phenomenon. Therefore, we have launched a series of reports that “see through Guangzhou's employment difficulties”. We are no longer embroiled in the description of the employment phenomenon. We are no longer even entangled in the data. In this series of planning, we will select multiple samples and dissect them from different angles. In order to arrive at the most comprehensive conclusion: Is it not difficult for Guangzhou to work hard? Why is it difficult? Where is the difficulty? Where is the far-reaching impact on Guangzhou?

In this issue, our sample comes from leather leather workers in Shiling Town, Huadu District. As a gathering place for leather goods industry, Shiling Town of Huadu is a very important example. The group image of the migrant workers may be difficult to generalize. However, the significance of this sample is: What kind of mentality will they present to the current migrant workers? “Leaving this factory or staying in Guangzhou may be a very simple reason.” They said that a dozen of his fellow townspeople have come back only a few this year, regardless of the choice, when survival is not that difficult, Staying also seems more casual.

Sample 1

Excessive overtime worry about "having money to spend"

Name: Auntie Native Place: Guangdong Maoming Worked areas: Huadu, Dongguan, Baiyun Located in Huadu Shiling Human Resource Center, rows of blue big tents are under recruitment. The Lantern Festival has passed nearly 10 days, but there are more than 300 companies recruited every day. They are eager to "sell" the past applicants. The candidates are still slowly picking.

Walking along a long row of stalls, aunts and fellow villagers from Maoming Village are also comparing the conditions given by the factories. Born in 1989, Auntie came to Guangzhou after graduating from the middle of 2004 and worked in a leather factory in Xinhua, Huadu. A year and a half later, he went to Dongguan. “Dongguan’s wages are not high in Guangzhou.” After staying in Dongguan for only three months, Auntie returned to Guangzhou. This time his work place is the capital of leather goods - Huadu Shiling. In the following years, he changed several factories again. The only thing that was the same was leather goods.

In 2011, Auntie arrived at a leather factory in Baiyun District. “Overtime is too long. There is only one day off in half a month. It's too hard.” Auntie was working in the factory as a counter on the board room. The monthly salary was 2,500 yuan, which was eaten and wrapped, but every day from 8 am Work until 11:00 pm to get off work. “Although there is overtime, but I would rather have more time to rest, free activities, and fear that I will make a living and spend my life.” Auntie is the only child in the family. His father is a construction worker. His mother is at home and his parents’ income is enough to sustain his life. He does not want to drag his body to earn this money now.

As a result, Auntie decided to leave the factory in Baiyun District and return to Shiling again. "I hope to find a regular job. At least four days off every month. Do not work more than 11 hours a day. The salary is between 2,500 yuan and 3,000 yuan."

Sample 2

"If you can't find a suitable one, try it out."

Name: Tang Zhong Native Place: Hunan had worked in the area: Huadu also came to Guangzhou after the Lantern Festival Tang Zhong, a Hunan migrant worker, was born in 1982, he also looking for him in the talent market The goal. Tang Zhong told reporters that the small leather factory he worked in last year is now unable to start due to too few returned workers. "There are a dozen of my fellow townspeople who worked here last year and only six returned this year. All others stayed in the area, or Do business or go to the electronics factory to work."

“If you work for the same type of work with me, you can get four or five thousand yuan in a diligent month.” Tang Zhong also hopes that he can get such a salary in a new factory, and he can also have a better living environment. Some vacation time, "If not found, I may go to Shenzhen or Dongguan."

Analyze the value of the reference system has changed after 80,90 are not satisfied with working life Changes in working attitude "In addition to identity, they (migrant workers) is no longer a traditional sense of the peasants." Said a person in charge of corporate human resources department, recruitment Those who have to understand this point must be more effective in recruiting people for enterprises. “If we still keep our understanding of them in their impressions of their parents, we may see deviations.”

At present, the post-80s and post-90s have become the mainstay of migrant workers. Their fathers’ generations are based on agricultural income and their tolerance to working is quite high. “When you planted land in your hometown, you earn more than 1,000 yuan a year. When you work out, you can earn hundreds of jobs in one month. The money sent back in a year was very much envied by the villagers.” Huang Yongqing from Sichuan came to work in Guangzhou in the early 1990s. When he came along with a group of fellow villagers, he has now returned to his hometown. The new generation of migrant workers compares the income of the migrant workers around them, and even those who work in cities. Their satisfaction with working life is not high.

About the income “The salary is only a few hundred dollars higher than the hometown, which is not enough money”

The attractiveness of wages is an important reason why many foreign workers abandoned Guangzhou. At the first recruitment fair of the “Spring Breeze 2012” campaign that began this year, job seekers who are dissatisfied with the company’s wages will be found everywhere.

"I don't think about companies that have a monthly salary of less than 3,000 yuan." When Wang, an advanced welder, spent 13 years in the recruitment site, he found it difficult to accept the wages appropriate for his job. Mr. Wang is a native of Luzhou, Sichuan. He hopes to find a job with a monthly salary of more than 4,000 yuan. Before the job fair, there was a company that provided 3,200 yuan to guarantee the end of the job. He did not agree, and he expects the company's wages to be lower at this job fair. “Before the wages in my hometown were almost 4,000 yuan, it was very easy to find such work in Sichuan,” said Mr. Wang.

Coincidentally, Mr. Fang from Jiangling, Hubei also stated that Guangzhou’s wages are not competitive. “My dad called it a few days ago and asked me to go home and say that I could get more than 2000 yuan in wages for car equipment in Gangneung.” He told reporters that he had to work on car equipment in Guangzhou in 2006 and could only take 2400. The wages around yuan are better to go home. "After all, in the center of the city, the transportation is convenient, and entertainment is also very convenient. Therefore, we do not want to live in the dormitory of the factory. Several people can share the rent and they can also eat. There are also many things to eat around. Now that the village has been transformed, the cheaper house has been rented. If you do not rent, if the wages are not satisfactory, the money is not enough to rent, you can only go back to the factory dormitory.” He said that he came to Guangzhou to meet the world, learn new knowledge, “will soon return home.”

"In addition to earning money, we need our own space."

About overtime is like the sample of auntie said, a new generation of migrants, attitude to overtime is, worrying about "living to make money without spending". Overtime is a phenomenon that has always existed in labor-intensive enterprises. Why is the problem of excessive overtime continuously mentioned in recent years?

Experts believe that, on the one hand, older workers are more tolerant, in order to save money for building houses, doing things for their sons, and what kind of hardship they can eat, overtime means more money, so their enthusiasm. Also high. For the new generation of migrant workers, they have a strong sense of personal space and need their own lives and entertainment. They are reluctant to work overtime, “make money out of their own expenses, and don’t take responsibility for raising their families”; on the other hand, a new generation of migrant workers. , The consciousness of maintaining a ** benefit is awakening. When they are asked to work overtime, they will choose a reasonable way to safeguard their rights.

In yesterday’s interview, the person in charge of a leather goods company in Shiling Town also said that there were almost two different types in the 80s, 90s, 60s, and 70s. After the 60th and 70th, the migrant workers are working hard to support their families and leave their hometowns to work. The person in charge was also a 70-year-old. He used his own example to say, "We used to come out to work and we all hope that we can do a good job and do well in order to get the recognition of the boss." He believes that after 80, 90 after positioning It is unclear. Compared with the previous generation, their pursuit of work is “no pressure, comfort, fun, and they don’t like to be bound and restricted by rules and regulations, such as being able to spend more time surfing the Internet and relaxing with friends”. Although the working environment of enterprises has been improving, they still cannot meet their requirements.

"It's normal to leave someone changing their environment."

About Xiong Jinhong, general manager of a company with pressure Huadu, said that as a gathering place for the leather goods industry, Shiling has a large number of companies and a large demand for labor. It returned about 80% after the holiday. Xiong Jinhong believes that employees in the 80s and 90s are now more pursuing their own personal lives. Without food and clothing, they often do not stay in a single place for more than 2,000 yuan a month for a month. Because of family planning, their generations often have families at home. Not many children, at home is a baby, was petted from childhood, can not withstand too much pressure.

In terms of attracting migrant workers, many recruiting companies have also settled their minds this year. At the scene of a job fair, it can be seen that companies have used the working environment as a means of attracting talents. They have marked on the posters that the company has sports facilities such as tennis and badminton, as well as cultural and recreational facilities such as TV rooms, libraries, yoga studios, and dance halls. Everything. Whether you can access the Internet, do not have air conditioning in the dormitory are clearly marked. Mr. Zhang, the person in charge of a beauty salon equipment company, frankly stated: “In the past, whoever paid the highest wages was on the job. Now even if others don’t have enough money to pay for me, but they can provide dormitory Internet access conditions, employees may choose to quit.”

“Sometimes it is not because this factory is not good. Even the wages of new factories are not even higher. They are simply changing the environment, or are familiar with the companions who are working together. They also want to follow.” Baiyun District, an electronic Zhang Zhang, a working employee of the processing company, said, “Sometimes it's not very happy to get along with the workshop supervisor. I'll change a factory. Anyway, the work in the nearby factory is similar. We have been a skilled worker for a few years, and people always want it.” He said that he may go to Shenzhen to see it, and there is no point in one place.

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