Huanggang Dawu Shopping Center has Disney Kids 啦

Recently, Disney children's clothing signed Xiaogan Dawu dawdle success. Huang Group, the full name of Huanggang City, Hubei Province Huang Trading Co., Ltd., Huanggang City is the leading business enterprises. Huang Group Shopping Center, the predecessor company was Huangzhou mall, founded in 1983. In August 1997, on the basis of the original shopping mall in Huangzhou, Hubei Huangshi Co., Ltd. was reorganized. September 23, 2004, the original Hubei Huang Co., Ltd. restructuring Huanggang Huang Trade Co., Ltd.. Disney brand of children's clothing recently opened in the Dawn Store Dawn Oh. Disney fashion children's clothing to join Tel: Disney brand to join Disney What are the advantages? Disney brand three absolute advantages: 1, brand awareness: international brand, cartoon brand, has a very deep cartoon culture, to accompany and educate children's growth. Disney ranked fifth in the world in terms of brand value, Disneyland swept the world's children and parents. Shanghai Disneyland, the world's largest Disneyland is about to open, CCTV Disney channel is about to open. Disney brand, will be well-known children's cartoon brand in mainland China and the world. 2, the international quality, the public price: The use of green natural environmental fabric, the absolute quality assurance, the country 7 days free shipping quality problems. The price of popular, ordinary working-class are able to accept, the real inexpensive, to help Disney's loyal consumers. The overall retail price is 30% lower than that of similar brands. 3, Children's Living Museum: The whole children's products basically all have, at present, there is not any one brand has so many product series. On the one hand to reduce the investors looking for supply of trouble, on the one hand to maximize the satisfaction of consumers shopping needs, increase the turnover rate, thus ensuring franchisee profitability. What are the conditions for joining Disney brand children's clothing? Conditions of joining: 1, with modern marketing concepts and a good spirit of cooperation, brand management have confidence, enthusiasm, the courage to open up 2, franchisees must be lawful citizens, without violating national laws and records of good business reputation and business quality 3 , To meet the financial strength of franchise operations 4, with clothing store management experience and business development capabilities 5, abide by the company's joining policy and uniform norms, comply with contract provisions, to accept brand management 6, the store's decoration style Follow the company's unified brand image requirements wish Dawn Disney Disney children's clothing business booming.

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