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At present, the women who take Vitamin E and apply essential oils are popular with women. In response to this demand, Elvira has developed scented aromatherapy care lingerie and Vitamin E moisturizing care lingerie. Victoria E care underwear, which added Victoria E essence, through a unique slow release technology to achieve the effect of nourishing the skin care, so that when people wear this underwear, you can anti-aging, improve skin immunity, repair rough skin. Victoria E moisturizing underwear silky warm, it is the main component of wool, modal, cotton and Lycra. Women's underwear colors are mainly orange, pink, red, purple.


A customer inquiries, Garvey E care underwear will not be washed several times, the composition of Victoria E is lost? Purchasing Guide explained that no, because of this slow release technology, can make the vitamin E content in underwear up to several years. The fragrance of essential oils has lost a lot of female customers, and now, determined to join the essential oils to the underwear material, so that customers wear underwear moment, you feel refreshing fragrance. According to reports, Alia's aromatherapy underwear, were added lavender essential oil and lemon oil, fragrant and elegant, the smell of fresh and refreshing.

爱丽维娅护理型内衣  让人感受一新

Aromatherapy underwear is the main component of modal, Lycra, cotton. Women can choose the main color dark green, Fairview purple, dark red. It is worth mentioning that, aromatherapy products in particular the German Bayer fragrance additives, lavender fragrance can keep people fresh and refreshing. The use of modern technology, can make lasting retention of aroma particles, long fragrance. It also introduces labelless sensorless labeling technology to replace the traditional stitched label, skin-friendly upgrade, more beautiful. Pure natural products provide pure and efficient ingredients and fragrance of pure, different levels of ladies to provide professional daily skin care.

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