Jack Jones cartoon T bored to be boring to be a funny man

Humor usually comes from the talent, personality, knowledge and connotation. But these traits are so unreal. Do not believe what is the old saying that gold will always shine, the so-called charm is to make people see through, meet each other late! SO, let the clothes to play the role of selling you, wear a sense of humor! There is no shortage of savvy business elites in this world, proud men of letters, self-deprecating men's humorous magic, and always good. Does not make sense of the cartoon image, La La's brazen self-deprecating, of course, this will not really make people think you know nothing about it, but can not help but rush you aside presumptuous ridicule, inspire you endless curiosity. Cartoon T has always been to highlight the interesting humor. However, how many cartoon designs, if you behave, it can only be reduced to the golden mean. This T will be your best choice, bright background with the American comic style design, creating a warm and crazy comedy effect. The small bomb, which should have been a violent element, was designed to be a cute image that exploded. Exaggerated appearances and disgrace were unforgettable. The unexpected sense of conflict also brought irresistible appeal. What off-line, this pattern T will tell you. But you do not always think that off-line is a derogatory term, off-line but reached a "others laugh at me too insane, I laugh at others can not see through" realm. Bold and bright colors, lively and hilarious cartoon images also make the sense of humor more fascinating, as if to launch a carnival call to everyone: so serious? Do not hold it, get some fun together! Childhood loudly. Gone are the days of the "pistol!" Grenade, and no one can deny that it is the happiest time. Growing up we can no longer be unscrupulous, but definitely can be painted on the chest in a humorous way. Naughty cute cartoon image, not only is that time of nostalgia and pondering, but also to the world declared: I was still innocent, happy presumptuous little urchin.

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