Kach House held a straight-star manager training set to create a comprehensive boss-type terminal management personnel

Direct brand stores is the company to establish corporate image, the brand image of the window, is a direct communication with consumers, the most direct market research platform, but also the image of the national store model and benchmark, it is the store front-line operations management personnel Shopping guide and excellent combat training base. Brand store manager directly determines the success or failure of a terminal direct sales stores, Kach House in the full implementation of the strategy of creating a strong regional brand, increasing emphasis on the terminal store manager of the chain stores operating management capabilities and Actual sales ability, manager training and ability to enhance the Kach House to create high-quality terminal top priority. From August 21 to August 22, 2012, Kakayama Corporation convened all the managers of the direct sales stores to conduct the intensive training of "Star BOSS - Creating the Gold Manager" in the marketing center of the company headquarters. The training for a two-day, from the manager of the role of cognitive, shop routine skills, field coaching skills to the design and analysis of the combination of products and other aspects of the managers from point to surface, from the shallow to deep theoretical training, discussion and discussion , Role exchange, practical exercises, etc., multi-angle, multi-angle training, respectively by the manager who play the role of customers and clerks to simulate marketing scenarios. Laughing in the classroom, managers have said that in such a relaxed and harmonious environment to better absorb knowledge and master essentials. Lecturers are doing role-playing practical exercises Participants large photo two days of learning so that managers have re-defined the role of manager position, sense of service and system management capabilities; make Kach House brand concept, brand culture, brand management Mode in the direct sales stores to be unswervingly implemented and implemented. After this training, all direct sales manager of Kakayama House promises to serve customers with a positive attitude and a full-fledged spirit in the future and guide the clerks to bring the five-star butler-like service quality to customers in the same way , Let customers experience a home-from-home shopping trip.

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