King Kate effect: debut 30 minutes after the same paragraph was crazy snapped

A few days ago, the $450 Tweed jacket and skirt of Kate's Princess was from Rebecca Taylor's 2011/12 holiday series. It is reported that this dress was already on Neiman Marcus within half an hour after the appearance of Princess Kate. Selling out of the US store with two famous retailers Bergdorf Goodman.

Recently, the world's first app that imitated Kate's dress style was born.

Many people may be puzzled. Is Kate Wang really so attractive? Obviously the answer is yes. Don't say you don’t believe, all kinds of data prove it is true.

Taking Kate's Princess Idol as the fulcrum for clothing sales, she wore a Rebecca Taylor tweed suit in May. After 30 minutes, the same clothing was sold out! Because of this, the famous designer Rebecca Taylor plans to open a new store in London.

Although the date has not yet been determined, it is conceivable that brands like Katherine Heigl, Cameron Diaz and Reese Witherspoon will certainly be very popular in the UK.

King Kate debuts in Rebecca Taylor tweed suit

The $450 Tweed Jackets and Skirts on Kate's body come from the Rebecca Taylor Womenswear brand's 2011/12 vacation series product. It is reported that this dress was already on Neiman Marcus in half an hour after Kate’s appearance. Two well-known retailers of Bergdorf Goodman sold in the US store.

Taylor is a New Zealand-born designer known for designing women's dresses. She thinks like Carey Mulligan, Alexa Chung and Emma Watson are both stylish British icons. At the same time, she is very pleased that Kate Wang can choose her own clothing brand.

Rebecca Taylor said: "At present, the brand has a strong growth in the UK. We like London and always want to find an excuse to enter the UK. The British market is really important to us. I think the British girl is very 'Rebecca Taylor' Feeling. And our brand is very British style, it is as cool as a British girl."

About Rebecca Taylor:

Fashion designer Taylor from New Zealand, after graduating from Wellington University, came to New York to become the chief designer of 7th Avenue, and later started his personal brand together with Elizabeth Bugdaycay, thanks to Taylor's creative talent and Bugdaycay's business skills. Their combination can be said no one can match. In less than five years, the two women's brands became the most popular first-line brands. Taylor also received a nomination from the American Fashion Designers Committee.

Taylor's creativity is inseparable from his natural keen observation. Her personal interests have inspired her design. From grape wine to music in the 60s and 70s, from art to entertainment, taylor possesses a pair of eye-catching eyes and a sense of freedom in color, all of which make it appear to customers who wear her clothing. More distinctive. After the introduction of new clothes in seasons and seasons, these perfect designs, exquisite craftsmanship, and eye-catching dresses have impressed all customers.

These clothes fit into any modern woman's wardrobe. As a result, many celebrities became followers of rebecca taylor, Cameron Diaz, Ashley judd, Robin Tunney, and Anna Paquin. The ranks of followers are still growing.

Her clothing is sold in all major department stores and boutiques in the United States. It also includes flagship stores in Tokyo, Japan, to ensure that they provide a full range of services to their customers.

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