Lanper, the fairy in amber, the blue that is difficult to explain


Lanpo is produced in Dominica and Mexico. They are all formed by legume-based resin and belong to the Caribbean. The blue causes are widely debated and widely recognized by the scientific community as a result of the volcanic lava flowing through the surface of the earth causing a qualitative change in the amber heat in the formation. Lanper was originally a common amber in the formation. It was the high temperature of the volcanic eruption thousands of years ago. The amber buried in the formation was pyrolyzed, and the fluorescent substance produced during the pyrolysis process, the polycyclic aromatic molecule, was incorporated into the amber. This is the reason for the formation of the mysterious color of the blue.


Mexico's Blue Perth is mainly produced in Chiapas. Chiapas is the world's third largest amber mine. The color is more non-rich than Dominican, the skin is thinner, more blue-green, and also pure blue. When the skin is separated, it can be distinguished from Mexico or Dominica. The carvings are difficult to distinguish.


Although the Dominican blue lop has more production than the Mexican cypress, it generally contains more impurities. The color of the impurities will be darker (blue), but the transparency will decrease. Mexico's Blue Perg is known for its color and transparency. Overall, Lanpo's body color is pale yellow, and the surface of the light is blue. This blue color is more obvious under sunlight or bright white light, and the blue color changes with the angle of illumination of the light. Flexible movement.


The finest blue pel (sky blue) is yellowish and pure under natural light on a white background. The eye feels a slight blue reaction when changing angles, and a strong sky blue appears under dark background and natural light. Under ultraviolet fluorescent light, a strong blue fluorescence appears. The medium blue puppies (tea blue) look a little brown or even green, and the blue eyes can feel blue fluorescence, and the blue fluorescent light is also obvious under ultraviolet fluorescent light. The almost blue lop looks blue, but mostly because there are more impurities inside, which are reflected in the blue on the surface by refraction.


The grade of Lanpo is evaluated according to the color and the amount of impurities. The less the impurity, the more the blue chromaticity tends to be the best for sky blue. Generally, it is AAA grade with almost no impurities, and the AAB with slight impurities. ABB with more impurities, BBB... If the naked eye sees green under natural light, it is generally called blue-green, or green peper.

In recent years, Lanpo has become the "new darling" of collectors. The production of Lanper has been greatly reduced and it is facing the possibility of extinction, which has caused its market price to soar. Dominica's Lanper color is pure and blue, so the price is more expensive than Mexico. Both types of blue sap, regardless of their quality, have low annual output, and their prices are much more expensive than other varieties, such as Baltic amber.

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