Lanxuan fashion underwear to create a romantic romance of mythology

Lanxuan Beauty and Body Group was born in the romantic myth of the capital --- France, its creation has been adhering to the "internal and external, to you" business philosophy has always been committed to the cause of women's life and health, is the first with three core Technology leader in the international body underwear brand, for the global and Chinese women to provide high-quality life and health products.


And to uphold the concept of high-tech, committed to creating the international fashion body underwear brand as compliance, since its inception respected science and technology, art, human nature, the perfect integration of nature. Lanxuan products with its superb technology and perfect service in the field of women's life and health excellence and much loved by consumers.

蓝璇时尚内衣 创造科技的浪漫神话

The company is based in France's product R & D institutions, always maintain the product's effectiveness, technology, technology, the concept of international advanced position; especially the introduction of cutting-edge production lines through sophisticated production standards and modern management to create zero-defect product quality

High carbon polypropylene gives this woven fabric high tensile strength, excellent UV protection, and mildew resistance .

The fibers are thermally interlocked to provide a smoother, stabilized surface that can withstand constant flexing and stress.

This material does not stretch; instead, it cushions joints while providing a firm and stable surface.

Always returning to its flat position, Trampoline Fabric does not crease or fold and maintains high strength in the toughest environmental conditions.

This fabric is sold by the full roll with partial rolls available.

Trampoline Fabric

Trampoline Fabric, High Carbon Polypropylene Fabric , Trampoline Park Fabric

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