Lee Lee functional fabrics known at home and abroad

A piece of fabric after a serious deformation and fixed, after a sun exposure, but also automatically return to the original shape. Recently, in the significant profit company, chairman Shi Rong set to demonstrate to reporters the shape memory fabric research and development production. "This fabric does not differ from ordinary fabrics on the surface, but has the function of morphological memory." In 2007, the company has just set up a lion in Shishi, professional agents in Europe, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan high-end fashion fabrics. As a credit management, pragmatic work, the company has been well-known brand clothing enterprises inside and outside the trust. The following year, with years of shopping experience and fabric market sensitivity, the company felt that R & D and production of functional fabrics in the domestic and international market prospects. So, make a prompt decision to invest in research and development and production of functional fabrics, and Japanese technical consultants and Europe, Taiwan and other professionals in close cooperation in the functional fabrics up and down. Hard work pays off. In the past two years, Xianli Company has developed such functional environmental protection fabrics as shape memory, bamboo charcoal fiber, washed vintage and metal wire, realizing the hand of "apparel" and "function". Shi said that these fabrics, once introduced, have been sought after by both domestic and foreign markets and have shown optimistic sales in short supply.