LOZIO (Rosie Austrian) men's different levels of sublimation experience

LOZIO (Rosie Austrian) style formation, is the sublimation of experience at different levels, represents the multi-cultural and aesthetic understanding of the value. Mature and elegant, rigorous and sophisticated and innovative, with superb technology will be low-key luxury throughout the brand has always been, this is the philosophy of LOZIO. Brand positioning: brand style: exquisite, simple, elegant, stylish, noble brand target consumer group career orientation: business political elite, senior white-collar workers, gold collar, celebrities brand target consumer group age positioning: 30 -50 years old brand development: LOZIO ( Rosie Austrian) Through the full study of the domestic market, launched suitable products for China's national conditions, up to now, in the country has more than 30 first-tier cities opened nearly 100 stores, with a large number of loyal consumer groups. Adhering to the diversified development strategy, LOZIO product line is also very rich, covering suits, shirts, jackets, sweaters, pants, accessories and other product categories. Facing the future, LOZIO persists in long-term development goal of the brand. With its vertical and diversified development strategy, LOZIO constantly enriches its product line and strengthens its brand promotion based on its creativity and credible. It strives to continue its workmanship and excellence For the customer to provide beyond the fashion products to enjoy and distinguished experience, let LOZIO become a successful career new partner and fashion pursuit of all sectors of society.

OEM is the abbreviation of English Original Equipment Manufacturer. Oem Chassis is the manufacturer of authorized OEM processing. ODM is the abbreviation of English Original Design Manufacturer. Odm Chassis literal translation is the design and production of chassis manufacturers.

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