Manifin × KOCHé debut in Paris Fashion Week, highlighting the new proposition of cross-border integration

At 18:00 local time on September 24th, 2019, a cross-border tour on fashion opened the front page of the public information BPI library at the Centre Pompidou in Paris. The well-known underwear brand Manniform and the French fashion brand KOCHÉ created a number of Co-branded show, debut in Paris Fashion Week, bringing the concept of haute couture to the interpretation of street fashion. In this cross-border integration of underwear and ready-to-wear, the “fashionable, sexy and sexy” female fashion attitude has The stage of bloom.


Models of different styles and figures are dressed in co-branded models, confidently moving between the light and shadow of the pages of the book, the fashionable attitude of “wearing outside the underwear”, the integration of the daily design concept, the creative imagination of the unconstrained, and the freedom of not being afraid of stereotypes. In this colorful fashion show, it is fully expressed.



This is the first time that the Pompidou Public Information BPI Library has been opened to the public as a show. More than 700 guests at the scene have a Manny Fen cotton lotion. While watching the show, they also sent a care of ironing.


The cross-border integration of Mannifer and KOCHÉ is not only a fashion feast about young and new ideas, but also a fashionable expression of “selling, being sexy and sexy” in the world fashion stage. The high-end custom details such as light feathers, Swarovski rhinestones, and fine handcrafts were brought into the interpretation of street fashion, creating a sophisticated fashion that can be mastered every day. In this joint show, the two parties brought Lace together. Touch underwear outside the series, Cross Over design re-creation series, Street Homewear hipster home series.


● TOP LOOKS interpretation

-Lace touch underwear outside the series: when romantic lace 邂逅 free street style

Inspired by the underwear outside the Dessous-dessus, lace underwear and the rate suit, tannins, street sports jackets collide with the infinite possibilities of wearing LOOK underwear - both interpretation of romantic truth, can also interpret ghost horse rebellion, Give each wearer a variety of energy from the inside out.


-Cross Over Design Reconstruction Series: Gao Ding and Daily Inspiration Collision

Light feathers, exquisite crystals, silk petals and other accessories are created by KOCHÉ founder and designer Christelle Kocher as the artistic director of the Lemarié art director of the Chanel art workshop, with irreplaceable recognition, designed in the Cross Over design re-engineering series. Apply these iconic elements to the details of Mannifer's underwear, draw inspiration from different fields, transcend traditional boundaries, let their collisions inspire new and unique expressions, explore the unknown possibilities of cross-border, and interpret the wearer from the inside out. The self-exploration and the inner world, in the comfort and freedom, let the "sexy" in the bones be completely released.


-Street Homewear's trendy home collection: breaking the boundaries between homewear and ready-to-wear

A comfortable home service is not only a pleasure for oneself, but also a self-expression. KOCHÉ presents a print with oriental aesthetics on the home clothes. A casual beauty is in front of you. The exaggerated white tassel adds a rich drama to the overall romantic elegance. It is also a collision of Eastern and Western cultural exchanges. .

Looks like everyday home dress, breaking into the fashion spotlight to become the protagonist. Through the ingenious material splicing, poetic print style and the fine details of the point drill, the designer once again presents a surprising new look with the absolutely exquisite creative experiment while inheriting the consistent style of Mannifen.


● Behind the sexy

Fashion is like a multi-prism, seemingly impossible elements overlap, reflecting new light and shadow between pages. In the background of the show, the joint show silk pajamas, Manifen supermodel pants and precise and simple body lines, together to outline the silhouette of the Tina T, sent a message to women to express. Breaking the boundaries between abstraction and figuration, the three-dimensional silhouette is recombined and blended through various forms of tailoring, breaking the stereotype of the old fashion definition, shaping the graceful figure through the fabric and design details, highlighting the new femininity, presenting romance and Sexy and coexisting beauty.


At all times, the soft silk nightgown helps the wearers to walk through multiple fashion dimensions while creating a companionship, shaping the fashion interpretation and multifaceted charm of 24/7 thousand people.


Sexy, thousands of people

In the fashion appeal of Mannifin and KOCHÉ, underwear/clothing became the carrier and voiced for every new-age woman. Manifin participated in the KOCHÉ 2020SS show, which is a close contact between the European fashion industry and the Chinese fashion industry. It is also the prelude to deep cross-border cooperation in the future. In the future, Mannif will continue to explore art cross-border and offline pop-up store. Multi-faceted cooperation forms such as limited joint-venture models, through the combination of international brands and trends, have brought European fashion into the domestic market, and also made Chinese original design shine on the international stage.

At the same time, the event invited many bloggers/authoritative fashion media to visit the scene. Fashion blogger Rebecca loved the joint show and presented a unique interpretation of personal characteristics and taste.


Fashion blogger Nikki Min and Paris at the show are wearing the same live show, presenting different styles of fashion expression.


Manifen has always been committed to using the excavation, creation and encouragement of sex to promote a "MANIFORM FOR ALL" fashion environment. For Mani Fen, underwear is not just a jewelry, not only to output style and trend, but also to wear each The declaration of "born and sexy" is an inseparable part of body expression. This time together, the men's 2020SS Paris Fashion Week trip was completed, and the brand's unremitting exploration of fashion continues.

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