Maura pull summer 2012 new conference is about to kick off

Maura pull summer 2012 new conference is about to kick off December 15, the summer new conference will focus on displaying the summer trend of new products. In order to share this joy, we sincerely invite the fashion elites from all over the country to attend the event of fashion and wealth elaborately organized by Zhejiang Taisheng Fashion Co., Ltd., tasting the elegance and fashion of "Maura".


Zhejiang Taisheng Fashion Co., Ltd. was established in 1998, specializing in the production, development and sales of professional women 's company. Companies rely on the international brand management philosophy, professional R & D design, advanced production equipment and production technology, has become the implementation of efficient modern brand fashion business. Companies adhere to the principle of operating in good faith, a man of gratitude heart, and constantly create miracles, release the new concept of the apparel industry.


Since the introduction of the Italian brand "MIDILA", the company has been focusing on the Italian fashion elements as the core product and following the brand's "MARINA ROSSI" brand as its core design concept , Using the combination of advanced manufacturing techniques and ready-made garments to guide modern women in their quest for a more elegant life and to help women to show their wisdom gracefully with pure, healthy, cultural and artistic lifestyles. Enterprises adhering to the popular fashion brand business philosophy, creating value for money fashion clothes, the cornerstone of quality, integrity-based, brand-based, market-oriented approach to industrial development. Long-term development for the business guidance, from the community, in return for the community as a faith, and actively explore new models of market development and strengthen cooperation with franchisees to establish an interactive and win-win cooperation mechanism. Share the best tomorrow of the brand of Miaola and sincerely look forward to joining the alliance with Miaolan in this big family!

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