MAXIGO mashike women's pursuit of high quality of life

"MAXIGO" can express the attitude of "high quality life" in Italian fashion urban style, and present "beautiful" in a more desirable way. Will be simple and stylish style through different ways to distinguish the audience with the crowd, the modern city of women respected, identity, shared culture and value show themselves as yourself, showing a stylish, natural, aesthetic style.

MAXIGO玛诗可女装 追求的就是高品质生活

When the "fashion personality woman" has become a popular trend, Marsh is no longer the pursuit of the trend of cutting-edge, but back to the real life, low-key fashion needs simple and pragmatic philosophy, remove the complex surface modification to highlight the clothing Structural modeling, with a strong profile in the "less" and "more" to find a balance between the clever use of low-key apparel in the overall, so that luxury inadvertently infiltrated into every detail, with unique taste and creative ideas, casting Into a distinctive style of self.

"MAXIGO" can wear the way the rich and mix and match casual, advocating nature, the main psychological level of consumer 25-38-year-old urban casual, stylish and elegant women. Fabric with silk, cotton, wool-based natural fibers to European idle, elegant, natural style for the design theme, the style is based on a single product is reasonable, strong wear, with a rich way of seeing, the pursuit of color on the steady and elegant environmental protection Gray as the basic color, together with the trend of popular highlights as embellishment. The overall design is based on nature, rich in design details, inspired by the arts, nature and life, with exquisite details of the processing and exquisite version, shaping the modern knowledge of women calm, elegant urban image.

MAXIGO玛诗可女装 追求的就是高品质生活

    T/C Bleached White Fabric semi-processed bleached and complete processed,the purpose of bleaching is to remove the natural pigment, imparting the necessary and stable whiteness of the fabric.
     In order to fabric dyeing, must first go through semi-bleaching treatment to further dyeing, then half-Bleached Cloth is semi-finished products, slightly with some light yellow, so also called beige or white. Full bleaching cloth is actually in the semi-floating on the basis of the fabric was dyed white, add a variety of whitening, bleach to make cloth more pure white bright, but the whole cloth can not be used for dyeing, the cost is not worth, Second, not easy to color.

T/C Bleached White Fabric

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