Men's short paragraph down jacket with men's solid color down jacket with a guide

Men's clothing style is not as diverse as girls, as long as simple, cool and refreshing just fine. Cold winter is coming, so coat and jacket become the men's choice. Coat handsome stylish, but also down jacket style also said warm. So men's short paragraph how to match down jacket, men's solid color down jacket and how to take it? Let Hao Xin Kai. Te Jin to Weapon it! A very eye-catching green shorts down jacket, without the slightest embellishment, giving a very temperamental mental outlook, while the vibrant colors to dull the winter brought a trace of vitality. As for how to match, may wish to learn this, take a black sweater, self-cultivation and warm. Coupled with a wild type of jeans, very handsome! In the moment it seems, big red without a little feminine feeling, but more than another man's publicity. In the ride also choose a super refreshing white shirt, obvious chest, thick sense of security blowing. With a navy blue slacks, simple and stylish. Photo Source: Hao Xin Kai. Dejin Men

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